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$66.15 -$1.27 (-1.9%)

04:00 PM EDT on 05/20/22

Coinbase Global (NASDAQ:COIN)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

Current Price $66.15 Mkt Cap $14.7B
Open $69.37 P/E Ratio 5.92
Prev. Close $66.15 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $62.05 - $70.74 Volume 15,166,300
52-Wk Range $40.83 - $368.90 Avg. Daily Vol. 10,769,059


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TheFoolishAngler (21.30)
Submitted February 04, 2022

Positives/OpportunitiesCrypto in general:- [ ] strong secular tailwinds- [ ] crypto allows for secure and fast transactions- [ ] currency is not susceptible to direct manipulation and volatility with regards to availability, interest rates- [ ]… More

Arizard (35.07)
Submitted December 07, 2021

Just an inkling; Crypto might run into troubled waters over the next few weeks potentially.



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Member Avatar TMFMktmusician (< 20) Submitted: 3/20/2022 6:42:06 PM : Outperform Start Price: $160.47 NASDAQ:COIN Score: -49.36


Member Avatar TheFoolishAngler (21.30) Submitted: 2/3/2022 9:05:22 PM : Outperform Start Price: $181.02 NASDAQ:COIN Score: -50.68


Crypto in general:
- [ ] strong secular tailwinds
- [ ] crypto allows for secure and fast transactions
- [ ] currency is not susceptible to direct manipulation and volatility with regards to availability, interest rates
- [ ] crypto gives people from unstable countries another way to keep their money safe and spendable
- [ ] moving to staking method of transaction reduces energy use and makes crypto transactions much more viable
- [ ] relatively inflation proof (inflation, not volatility)
- [ ] smart contracts will be key to many new freelance driven projects and potentially larger ones too, crypto is required to use these

Coinbase specific

- [ ] first mover advantage
- [ ] one of a very few reputable exchanges with insurance and a good track record for security
- [ ] coinbase seems to be regulation friendly (with the USA), to the point that some hardcore crypto fans HATE it, I think this could lead to better trust of the platform
- [ ] custodians are going to be needed as most people will need human support at some point, and most people don’t have the means/find it inconvenient to securely cold-store at home, giving them an edge over complete DEX’s
- [ ] new products coming out to discourage trading, encourage holding of cryptos (staking, lending, spending), addressing Coinbase’s key volatility risk in trading volumes moving with prices
- [ ] A+ management team
- [ ] could Toby Lutke’s joining the board signal that coinbase could become a major provider of crypto payments for ecommerce?


Crypto in general

- [ ] we’re in very early stages and there could be a real reckoning (or two) with consumer trust in crypto in the next years
- [ ] crypto is still somewhat illiquid, meaning that panic can quickly cause things to spiral, getting more institutional money on board would be the way to fix this
- [ ] I don’t understand exactly how it works! (personal risk)
- [ ] feels like we’re still somewhat in the hype cycle and the world might have second thoughts about the size of crypto in the next couple years
- [ ] still lots of friction to set up and maintain your account, though this is improving
- [ ] can still lose significant amounts of money very easily through loss of password, device, etc.
- [ ] new currency is spooking governments and it’s yet to be seen how they will respond, this could just be their own centralized digital currency, banning crypto, or taxing it to deter its use, the latter two options do seem shortsighted though as they would cause a lot of loss presumably among their citizens
- [ ] there are some risky projects out there such as ICO (initial coin offerings) which may not be scrutinized very well, and crypto backed loans (like a regular secured loan but backed by crypto, with it being so volatile it could lead to higher rates of margin calls)


- [ ] as crypto stabilizes and people trade it less, the fee per transaction structure may not work as well for coinbase as people don’t trade as much
- [ ] crypto is based on decentralized systems, coinbase is a centralized exchange, there are new decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) which could threaten coinbase’s existence
- [ ] a hack would be catastrophic to any exchange

other notes:

-yes, crypto will shake some aspects of the global economy, however this is a natural process in all innovations, some things/people/businesses will become displaced, and others will fill that in, as happens in a capitalistic society
-the talking point that crypto will help the unbanked might not pan out. Unbanked people are usually so because either they don’t have enough money, aren’t the primary earner in their network, don’t have the credentials to open an account or don’t trust banking systems. The only area I see it actually helping getting people banked is in developed but inflationary economies where people can understand these products and have access to technology
-one of crypto’s biggest near term risks seems to be disinformation or scare campaigns causing a crash in price and consumer confidence, theoretically as time goes on we would see the risk of these go down as crypto becomes more fully integrated and expensive to attack in a meaningful way


Member Avatar GatorBait94 (< 20) Submitted: 2/3/2022 5:41:21 PM : Outperform Start Price: $181.02 NASDAQ:COIN Score: -50.68

The recent pullback has created a buying opportunity. I believe the stock can outperform long-term; however, there is some regulatory risk depending on the ultimate stance of Gensler.


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Nebulous (< 20) Score: +71.37

Like cryptocurrency itself, coinbase faces established competition: unlike cryptocurrency, it lacks a significant edge that would allow it to overcome the convenience of using your existing brokerage or Payments account.

Member Name Member
Call Time
Score Commentary
Nebulous < 20 4/26/2021 Underperform 5Y $304.29 -78.45% -7.08% +71.37 1 Comment
XMFZhiyuanSun < 20 4/29/2021 Underperform 1Y $294.58 -77.74% -7.05% +70.69 0 Comment
TMFSunLion 68.47 5/5/2021 Underperform 1Y $284.95 -76.99% -7.07% +69.92 0 Comment
TMFbonefish 34.30 5/14/2021 Underperform 1Y $261.35 -74.91% -6.81% +68.10 1 Comment
NotFoolNot < 20 5/7/2021 Underperform 5Y $261.15 -74.89% -7.63% +67.27 1 Comment
PavelS21 32.61 5/20/2021 Underperform 5Y $230.77 -71.59% -6.21% +65.38 0 Comment
alcomule < 20 5/21/2021 Underperform 5Y $228.64 -71.32% -6.70% +64.62 0 Comment
getrichdietrying 85.32 6/4/2021 Underperform 5Y $228.93 -71.36% -8.19% +63.17 1 Comment
PAGEBOY73 98.44 11/29/2021 Underperform 3W $312.22 -79.00% -16.42% +62.58 0 Comment
MKArch 99.82 6/8/2021 Underperform 5Y $219.87 -70.18% -8.12% +62.06 0 Comment

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