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DBV Technologies S.A. (NASDAQ:DBVT)

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Member Avatar mdriver78 (70.13) Submitted: 2/19/2020 6:52:04 AM : Outperform Start Price: $9.44 NASDAQ:DBVT Score: +5.44

DBV specializes in epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT), a minimally invasive technology that eschews pills or needles. The company calls the technology Viaskin and it works through intact skin using a patch.

Our skin does much more than cover our bodies. It’s our largest organ! And it’s intelligent, working to respond to traumas, toxins and infectious diseases. It contains immune system cells that act to help the body present a proper response.

DBV’s Viaskin patch, once applied, hydrates the skin and makes an allergen soluble enough to get through the outer layers. Then once in, skin Langerhans cells take them up, preventing their entry to the blood stream. However, these antigen presenting cells do their work by migrating to lymph nodes, training the immune system.

Using this method DBV has devised how to train the immune system without the need to pass antigens into the bloodstream, reducing or eliminating the potential for an adverse immune system reaction.

This is really important. Food allergies can lead to anaphylactic shock, a deadly condition that has to be treated via an epinephrine injection. The FDA recently approved a competing oral product and epinephrine, allergic reactions and dropouts were much higher in patients using it.

DBV’s product, which recently reported long-term, three-year data for Viaskin Peanut in children with peanut allergies, showed no need for epinephrine use related to treatment. The worst side effects were mild to moderate skin reactions, making Viaskin a potentially superior option for allergy sufferers if the FDA approves.
And we won’t have to wait long for an FDA approval. DBV’s Viaskin Peanut has received both Breakthrough and Fast Track designations from the U.S. drug regulator. Moreover, DBV has filed with the FDA for children between 4 and 11 years of age with peanut allergies, with a decision expected on or before Aug. 5, 2020.

There’s a big market for peanut allergy treatment, with a year’s supply of Viaskin Peanut estimated to reach the market with a price in the neighborhood of $6,000. There are over 70 million kids in the U.S., and over a million of them have peanut allergies.
Capturing just half this market could generate revenues in excess of $1 billion for DBV, not counting the potential to expand into younger children or adults.

Moreover, the company is expanding its Viaskin platform to treat egg and milk allergies, too. Furthermore, the company has multiple programs in other areas of immunotherapy.

Right now, DBVT trades for $9.34 per share, with a market cap of $1.03 billion. Last month, the company raised gross proceeds of $153.7 million from a follow-on offering, ensuring enough cash runway to reach important regulatory catalysts like this summer’s FDA decision. DBV Technologies’ potential isn’t lost on savvy investors, either. Last quarter, legendary biotech investing firm Baker Bros. Advisors scooped up a whopping 9.1 million shares in addition to the 31 million already owned — bringing its total stake to almost 40% of the company.


Member Avatar OklaBoston (< 20) Submitted: 2/18/2020 9:30:30 AM : Outperform Start Price: $9.33 NASDAQ:DBVT Score: +7.75

Strength of All Star support and improving technicals.


Member Avatar Paco57 (30.14) Submitted: 1/9/2020 9:46:30 PM : Outperform Start Price: $13.48 NASDAQ:DBVT Score: -28.14

No Peanuts for you!


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