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$9.83 -$0.13 (-1.3%)

04:00 PM EST on 12/05/23

Denny's Corp (NASDAQ:DENN)

CAPS Rating: No stars

The Company is America's family-style restaurant chain in terms of market share and number of units. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Denny's Holdings, Inc. and Denny's, Inc., it owns and operates the restaurant brand.

Current Price $9.83 Mkt Cap $521.8M
Open $9.98 P/E Ratio 18.93
Prev. Close $9.83 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $9.77 - $9.98 Volume 387,919
52-Wk Range $8.12 - $13.00 Avg. Daily Vol. 655,594


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WHOVPLLC (23.15)
Submitted May 26, 2015

Denny's is a nationwide causal dining restaurant with an emphasis on breakfast and lunch. The shares are slightly undervalued and represent value for the patient investor.WHOVPLLC

alexwong0708 (< 20)
Submitted April 01, 2009

Denny's apparently has been going through a turnaround for the past 10 years. If any of you follows football, you might hear of the Lions "rebuilding since 1958." I do not mean to rub this on Denny's face, but its record is dismal. I have not… More

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Member Avatar valunvesthere (95.93) Submitted: 11/27/2023 3:58:23 AM : Outperform Start Price: $9.72 NASDAQ:DENN Score: +0.80

Not very long ago, restaurants didn't offer take home annual traditional turkey dinner before the last Thursday of November and the following days to December 25. To appeal to the masses instead of labeling the products Thanksgiving and Christmas take home a complete traditional turkey dinner menu, they labeled the product as take home a complete holiday turkey dinner menu, the only exception is Easter Monday where most likely the name is kept and followed by traditional turkey dinner. The other options that's being around for a long time is dine in or take out holiday dinner which is simply turkey and sides on the plate. At time of writing we now have choices from preordering in advance complete full holiday turkey dinner menu to same day order turkey and sides on the plate dinner at the comfort of home. I could imagine when the preordering in advance take home a complete holiday dinner menu was created it was a financial risk in everything from trial and error, over ordering ingredients, operation costs in reallocating staff to preparing for overtime or hiring more staff and most of all will there be enough demand to be profitably worthwhile to continue. Today a lot of restaurants are providing a complete holiday turkey dinner for take out only when preordering in advance three times a year which shows that there's a continuing growing demand.

Using the 1950's as the starting point, the Greatest Generation/Silent Generation/Baby Boomers were guaranteed a lifetime job with generous retirement during the American and Canadian booming decades. The middle class easily outnumbered lower class and upper class combined. A single income earner with children per household was easily enough to be in middle class status. Then came Baby Boomers(most likely Late Boomers) and Generation X replacing the retiring predecessors. As the retirees enjoy their generous retirement packages plus incomes, the successors now must have double income earners with children per household to achieve middle class status on top of this careers weren't guaranteed for lifetime and to receive maximum retirement benefits the retiring age in America is 66 years + 2 months old in Canada is 65 years old. As Late Boomers and Generation X must work more years to reach maximum retirement benefit age the Millennials (also known as Generation Y) and Generation Z are mostly working in jobs than in careers and again none of them are guaranteed lifetime plus at this point who knows what the retirement benefits will be like. These two generations are definitely doing double income earning with some having children per household is most likely barely meeting middle class status. A lot are in the upper lower income scale, even worse is the current economic environment is bleak.

Prior to 1997 the middle class status was still obtainable with double income earners per household, post 1997 the middle class is on a steady decline as lower class is on the rise to surpass the middle class and upper class combined. At present middle class status is not out of reach if double income earning with lots of overtime hours in certain regions of America and Canada, because of double income earning plus working overtime hours to meet or partially enter middle income status there will be less time to cook at home so casual dining may become a regular routine every evening(providing the couple are working morning shifts). Finally getting to the main point about holiday turkey dinner with busy work schedule and laborious task of shopping for ingredients, prepping, cooking, and serving a complete turkey meal versus ordering a complete holiday turkey dinner, the latter is most likely to beat the former as proven by so many restaurants providing this service.

Below are the other picks of parent restaurants that offer holiday turkeys dinners and their subsidiaries like The Capital Grille, IHOP, Popeyes, Cheddars's Scratch Kitchen, and more that offer holiday turkey dinners.

* The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. (NASDAQ:CAKE)
* Cracker Barrel Old Ctry Store Inc (NASDAQ:CBRL)
* Darden Restaurants Inc (NYSE:DRI)
* Denny's Corp (NASDAQ:DENN)
* DineEquity (NYSE:DIN)
* Restaurant Brands International (NYSE:QSR)

Not available for rating on Motley Fool Caps @ time of writing
Below is parent company of Ponderosa and Bonanza Steakhouse or Bonanza and Ponderosa that provide holiday turkey dinner

* Fat Brands Inc.(NASDAQ:FAT)


Member Avatar GAZECC (78.41) Submitted: 6/5/2019 2:11:42 PM : Outperform Start Price: $20.05 NASDAQ:DENN Score: -112.48

Because past performance may be indicative of future results.


Member Avatar racoveanul (80.70) Submitted: 6/28/2015 5:09:45 AM : Outperform Start Price: $11.68 NASDAQ:DENN Score: -135.31

DENNY'S CORP, ticker DENN, has a TTM ROE calculated by Zacks of 1786,21%. It's one of my LONG picks.


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BGriffinFlorida 34.94 4/27/2009 Underperform 3M $2.75 +257.45% +432.41% +174.95 0 Comment
shycaguy 69.95 3/4/2015 3/23/2015 Underperform 5Y $11.73 -16.18% +117.66% +133.83 0 Comment
obiwankenobe1250 88.21 11/30/2006 Underperform NS $4.65 +111.40% +245.16% +133.76 2 Comments
Lionmew 46.19 4/9/2007 Underperform 5Y $4.83 +103.52% +233.73% +130.21 0 Comment
walker777 < 20 12/11/2006 Underperform 3Y $4.59 +114.16% +242.68% +128.52 0 Comment
zephyr300 < 20 2/26/2007 Underperform 1Y $4.82 +103.94% +232.33% +128.39 0 Comment
hijoe2 < 20 8/24/2011 Underperform 5Y $3.79 +159.71% +286.84% +127.13 0 Comment
Dosada123 60.97 12/1/2016 Underperform 5Y $12.09 -18.69% +106.86% +125.55 0 Comment
OccupyWallStreet 72.40 4/16/2007 Underperform NS $4.77 +106.08% +231.02% +124.94 0 Comment
CarlosDK 30.51 1/15/2013 Underperform 5Y $5.24 +87.60% +212.12% +124.52 0 Comment

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