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$105.22 $0.20 (0.2%)

11:33 AM EDT on 10/26/21

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ:DLTR)

CAPS Rating: 3 out of 5

The Company operates discount variety stores offering merchandise at the fixed price of $1.00. The Company maintains a broad selection of products within traditional variety store categories.

Current Price $105.22 Mkt Cap $23.6B
Open $105.36 P/E Ratio 16.45
Prev. Close $105.02 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $103.82 - $105.46 Volume 896,555
52-Wk Range $84.26 - $120.37 Avg. Daily Vol. 4,021,269


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XMFRendezvous (97.78)
Submitted August 23, 2018

Dollar Tree is a well-loved US retailer of everything deep discount, $1 to be exact. The company operates through two segments after acquiring Family Dollar in 2014. The Dollar Tree segment operates 6,650 stores offers merchandise at the fixed price… More

cashonmymind (< 20)
Submitted September 07, 2007

Their recent total sales falling short of expections might mean that the increased pricing pressure from not only other dollar stores but also the likes of Wal-Mart is taking hold. That may be looking to much into this slip from a good strong… More


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Member Avatar IndyAnthony (82.67) Submitted: 7/21/2021 10:07:25 PM : Underperform Start Price: $99.09 NASDAQ:DLTR Score: -0.70

I want to like Dollar Tree, but it's a short (1yr), mid (5yr), and long term (10yr) loser to the market. We want winners that keep winning over the longterm. It's possible the Dollar Tree beats the market, but I'm going to roll with history for the retailer.


Member Avatar HumourAndStocks (38.49) Submitted: 4/10/2021 4:36:19 PM : Outperform Start Price: $117.17 NASDAQ:DLTR Score: -21.80

Look let's face it only the Fool's Management Team knows how to climb a tree and make huge money. If we had done the folliwing 4 years ago Bezos the richest man in the world would have lower net worth than all Fools in the world. Here's how we should have invested.

Taken all of our coins in the jar and load them into a Uhaul or Semi truck. Sell the house and receive the proceeds in coins and load the trucks. Now I know we will have to live in the local shelter for 4 years but it will be worth it. Cash out all stocks get proceeds in coins and load. Empty bank accounts, get a loan, cash out the 401k and get it all in coins. No need to buy food we'll be in a shelter. Climb a tree and find the nearest Dollar Tree. Now we have a lot of pennys (make sure you cash out your penny stocks), nickles,dimes and quarters. This hoard of coins is called Bitcoin (BTC). Go to Dollar Tree and unload. This should take 20 minutes or so. Now because Dollar Tree is a discount sttore we will through them be able to get invested into BTC at a 20% discount to the price of BTC which at the time was around a buck. Yes at the time it was equivalent to a penny stock. Stay in the shelter four years and voila we are Gadzillionairs and we own China.

PTC up over 52000% over the last 4 years,

Should we fire the Fools for missing this one? No I don't think so, my fault I should have converted my subscription into pennys


Member Avatar minestock (28.73) Submitted: 12/17/2020 9:20:56 PM : Outperform Start Price: $110.41 NASDAQ:DLTR Score: -30.19

Hopefully long a time or more for less and individual servings. Clean it up a work in progress possibility.
Childish no more than enough for a church group or einstonian proportion I guess the moon is bigger. Smart. Enough for hippies. There are a lot of expensive things that people don’t like to waste.


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manatee55 (81.50) Score: +1,086.68

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manatee55 81.50 1/14/2008 Outperform NS $7.37 +1,325.80% +239.12% +1,086.68 0 Comment
rudyiscool 88.65 1/7/2008 Outperform 3Y $7.64 +1,275.44% +238.48% +1,036.96 1 Comment
FUTILITY < 20 1/3/2008 Outperform 5Y $8.11 +1,195.77% +230.31% +965.46 1 Comment
area59 < 20 1/28/2008 Outperform 1Y $8.57 +1,127.19% +258.34% +868.85 0 Comment
ftna86 < 20 12/21/2007 Outperform 3W $8.97 +1,071.59% +224.03% +847.56 0 Comment
bloodninja79 79.86 3/17/2008 Outperform 3Y $8.65 +1,115.84% +269.63% +846.21 0 Comment
knowspicking 56.26 11/27/2007 Outperform 3M $8.94 +1,075.52% +238.69% +836.82 0 Comment
NYCFinanceBoy 61.41 11/26/2007 Outperform 3Y $9.03 +1,064.66% +232.39% +832.26 1 Comment
nomathskills < 20 3/13/2008 Outperform 1Y $8.95 +1,074.19% +266.02% +808.17 1 Comment
malia3 71.57 3/19/2008 Outperform 3Y $9.03 +1,063.81% +255.99% +807.82 0 Comment

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