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$108.93 -$0.78 (-0.7%)

02:56 PM EST on 12/03/21

Duolingo, Inc. (NASDAQ:DUOL)

CAPS Rating: 2 out of 5

Duolingo, Inc. develops a language-learning website and mobile app in the United States and China. The company offers courses in 40 different languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and others.

Current Price $108.93 Mkt Cap $4.1B
Open $110.78 P/E Ratio 0.00
Prev. Close $109.71 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $104.55 - $110.78 Volume 154,618
52-Wk Range $103.00 - $205.00 Avg. Daily Vol. 346,620


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Member Avatar mabrick (50.02) Submitted: 11/2/2021 7:33:54 PM : Outperform Start Price: $168.21 NASDAQ:DUOL Score: -33.29

I have been using Duolingo for years, just like millions of other people. I started subscribing a year ago, and have no intention of returning to the advertised service. They teach so many foreign languages, including Klingon! Since they IPO'd, the services will only get better from here. They are always providing enhancements, and they are teaching me Spanish, slowly but surely. One of the top people is a software engineer, and has a considerable stake in the company. Duolingo is here to stay, and will be the premier language software company. Finally, it is commonly used as part of high school curriculum. I am not sure if colleges use it, but it would only make sense if they did. Long, long, long on Duolingo.


Member Avatar TMFJaguar (75.53) Submitted: 9/23/2021 10:43:55 AM : Underperform Start Price: $198.56 NASDAQ:DUOL Score: +47.06

I don't think this company deserves a nosebleed valuation. This is a good business that perhaps is worth a buy at the right price, but I think it will struggle to grow its audience because of user churn, marketing expenses will stay high, I don't think it's easy to just launch new learning-based apps -- it will be hard to stand out. I could be wrong but I don't think this beats the market long term.


Member Avatar JohnnyCaffeine (< 20) Submitted: 9/8/2021 2:20:55 PM : Outperform Start Price: $141.00 NASDAQ:DUOL Score: -25.00

If you look at Duolingo's income statement to gross profits, it's crazy right now because basically all the cost of revenues go to Apple and Google. This was $16 million in the quarter ended June 30, 2021. As Apple is forced to not take so much revenue from its App Store partners (most recently by announcing it will allow developers to sell direct to their customers), this will flow directly to Duolingo for more R&D and future growth. Duolingo has an amazing teaching machine it's built with respect to language learning. It is leveraging artificial intelligence to go deeper on that, but it has also been applying its system to other areas of learning, such as math for kids.


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TMFJaguar (75.53) Score: +47.06

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TMFJaguar 75.53 9/23/2021 Underperform 5Y $198.56 -45.51% +1.55% +47.06 1 Comment
bdiederich08 90.76 11/15/2021 Underperform 3M $147.96 -26.88% -3.92% +22.95 0 Comment
allforone 86.75 11/29/2021 Outperform 5Y $123.86 -12.65% -2.98% -9.67 0 Comment
TMFpalomino2 25.07 8/24/2021 Outperform 5Y $125.75 -13.96% +0.40% -14.37 0 Comment
zzdflynn < 20 11/18/2021 Outperform 5Y $138.50 -21.88% -4.05% -17.84 0 Comment
Catastrophik 88.00 11/16/2021 Outperform 5Y $138.96 -22.14% -3.62% -18.53 0 Comment
TMS13 < 20 8/19/2021 Outperform 5Y $130.78 -17.27% +3.20% -20.48 0 Comment
tonyk 73.94 8/10/2021 Outperform 5Y $138.60 -21.94% +1.73% -23.67 0 Comment
PAGEBOY2020 79.88 8/10/2021 Outperform 5Y $140.68 -23.09% +1.66% -24.76 0 Comment
JohnnyCaffeine < 20 8/6/2021 Outperform 5Y $141.00 -23.27% +1.74% -25.00 1 Comment

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