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$60.76 $1.51 (2.5%)

04:00 PM EST on 01/24/22

Eagle Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:EGBN)

CAPS Rating: No stars

A bank holding company, which provides general commercial and consumer banking services through its wholly owned banking subsidiary EagleBank.

Current Price $60.76 Mkt Cap $1.9B
Open $58.56 P/E Ratio 10.98
Prev. Close $60.76 Div. (Yield) $1.60 (2.6%)
Daily Range $58.56 - $61.21 Volume 156,162
52-Wk Range $41.90 - $63.84 Avg. Daily Vol. 161,808


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Beebzer (52.47)
Submitted August 02, 2010

Building a portfolio that tracks stocks showing clusters of insider buying.

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Member Avatar AnsgarJohn (65.46) Submitted: 1/17/2020 11:33:40 AM : Outperform Start Price: $44.50 NASDAQ:EGBN Score: +3.88

OutperformEagle Bancorp, Inc. (EGBN)
11 minutes ago by kevday (99.28) | Reply

ht Eddy Elfenbein


Member Avatar kevday (98.54) Submitted: 1/17/2020 11:20:15 AM : Outperform Start Price: $44.62 NASDAQ:EGBN Score: +3.37

ht Eddy Elfenbein


Member Avatar grankh (29.77) Submitted: 10/19/2013 5:59:10 PM : Outperform Start Price: $27.80 NASDAQ:EGBN Score: -38.01

This is a real-life holding of mine. A small bank in one of the most affluent areas of the country, (around D.C.), with one of the most stable workforces, (the U.S. Government).

Since 2009, sales have grown an average of 29% per year and EPS has grown an average of 41% per year. These are great numbers in a slow economy. The profit margin has grown for four straight years, the earned on equity has also grown for four straight years and the debt-to-equity has fallen in each of the past 5 years. All very good trends. The current P/E is above its recent range, but inline with its longer-term average. The PEG ratio is very attractive. Unfortunately, this company does NOT pay a dividend, though it did 5 years ago, so it could always reinstate one if it wished. I am not counting on that, however.

I don't expect a lot out of this company. I have it here as it is one of my real-life holdings. I am only expecting it to appreciate about 10% per year, over the next 5 years, but that is based on its growth slowing to 1/2 its recent gains. If it keeps up its recent growth rate, that return could easily double to 20% per year or more, which is what I generally target for any of my real-life investments. (15% annual return through a combination of stock appreciation and dividend payments.) So potentially great potential, with decent expectations.


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princejigar (< 20) Score: +306.19

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princejigar < 20 11/16/2009 Outperform 1Y $8.67 +600.99% +294.79% +306.19 1 Comment
assafer < 20 5/4/2009 Outperform NS $7.65 +694.45% +401.77% +292.68 0 Comment
pituach < 20 11/5/2007 Outperform NS $12.09 +402.61% +206.25% +196.36 0 Comment
Jennis22 65.28 3/11/2008 8/18/2009 Outperform 3W $11.12 +446.58% +251.71% +194.87 0 Comment
winning8 49.81 7/30/2010 Outperform NS $10.23 +494.18% +302.16% +192.02 0 Comment
soonerman1111 29.33 6/9/2011 Outperform 3Y $11.60 +423.60% +238.82% +184.78 0 Comment
Chiownknee2 < 20 4/15/2010 Outperform 5Y $11.34 +435.81% +262.63% +173.18 0 Comment
JZMD < 20 1/9/2008 Outperform 1Y $12.36 +391.63% +228.41% +163.22 1 Comment
Beebzer 52.47 8/2/2010 Outperform 5Y $11.00 +452.35% +292.64% +159.71 1 Comment
JDP273 52.58 11/10/2011 Outperform 5Y $12.41 +389.73% +253.76% +135.97 0 Comment

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