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11:02 AM EDT on 10/03/23

Fortress Biotech, Inc. (NASDAQ:FBIO)

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Current Price $0.31 Mkt Cap $41.7M
Open $0.31 P/E Ratio -0.33
Prev. Close $0.31 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $0.30 - $0.32 Volume 20,087
52-Wk Range $0.28 - $9.71 Avg. Daily Vol. 590,317


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Tutelary (< 20)
Submitted May 19, 2021

Diversified biopharmaceutical company with revenue incoming from Journey. With the new products Journey has released we should see a good growth in revenue with this company. Also, developments in progress give this company good long-term growth I… More

rknapton (34.23)
Submitted August 06, 2013

Biotech. Big losses. Selling tons of stock.


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Member Avatar Tutelary (< 20) Submitted: 5/19/2021 11:15:09 AM : Outperform Start Price: $3.74 NASDAQ:FBIO Score: -95.23

Diversified biopharmaceutical company with revenue incoming from Journey. With the new products Journey has released we should see a good growth in revenue with this company. Also, developments in progress give this company good long-term growth I Believe. With a few companies such as $MBIO, $CKPT, $ATXI we should see upcoming advancements increasing the share price. My Price Target for December 2021 is $7.25


Member Avatar zzlangerhans (99.18) Submitted: 3/5/2015 12:55:37 AM : Outperform Start Price: $3.30 NASDAQ:FBIO Score: -191.20

As I write, it seems like the saga of Pharmacyclics has come to an end with a share price more than 100 fold higher than the lows in 2009. I was certainly a skeptic, but fortunately for my brokerage account and my CAPS score I turned it around before it was too late. What made Pharmacyclics such a sleeper? It was the persistence of the company in wasting remaining resources on Xyctrin after it was obvious to everyone that it was a failure, coupled with the spec crash that seemed as though it would wipe out dozens of biotech stocks. No one was really watching as management underwent a hostile takeover and a new anti-cancer compound advanced into clinical trials. That compound became Imbruvica and the rest is history. I learned from Pharmacyclics not to dismiss a company until I was sure there was nothing of value left in the pipe.

Coronado isn't a close parallel to Pharmacyclics, but I do think there are few eyes on the company right now as they reinvent themselves following the predictable failure of worm eggs to cure autoimmune diseases. After bottoming below 1.5 last year, the company has been restructuring themselves in a complex way. A new subsidiary called CB Acquisition Group was funded with a small IPO and will apparently be spun off. This morning Coronado announced the formation of another subsidiary to be called Checkpoint Therapeutics. Checkpoint will advance a portfolio of human IO-targeted mAb's developed by Wayne Marasco at Dana Farber. Checkpoint has collaborated with TG Therapeutics to develop the anti-PD-L1 and anti-GTR Ab programs in hematologic malignancies. TG Therapeutics is connected to Lindsay Rosenwald, the CEO of Coronado and a long-term player in biopharma venture financing.

What does all this mean? I think Rosenwald has bigger fish to fry than just dragging out his lifespan as CEO of Coronado. That salary is pocket change for him. There's clearly an attempt here to become a serious player in the IO field, which is one of the hottest areas in oncology. If they can pull it off, Coronado will be worth a lot more than the 150M cap they sport today. I made a rapid decision to buy 2000 shares in the premarket at 3.05 this morning and wished I had gone ahead with 20000 as the share price shot up over 3.6. In the end, I held my shares as the stock settled at 3.2 and I imagine the position will get substantially larger if the near-term price action doesn't indicate that I've been suckered.


Member Avatar JavaChipFool (59.51) Submitted: 2/5/2014 3:22:21 PM : Outperform Start Price: $2.45 NASDAQ:FBIO Score: -227.92

Biotech gamble, down but not out


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rknapton (34.23) Score: +246.24

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rknapton 34.23 8/7/2013 Underperform 5Y $10.02 -96.91% +149.34% +246.24 2 Comments
pbtoau78 69.08 9/25/2014 Underperform 5Y $1.89 -83.60% +111.94% +195.54 0 Comment
ziggystraw 91.40 9/3/2014 Underperform 5Y $2.11 -85.31% +109.79% +195.10 0 Comment
whatsthepoint 99.87 11/12/2018 Underperform 5Y $1.04 -70.19% +54.82% +125.01 0 Comment
IdahoInvestor 99.72 7/15/2019 Underperform 5Y $1.55 -79.94% +40.42% +120.36 0 Comment
rlavallee223 < 20 3/7/2022 Outperform 5Y $1.50 -79.33% -2.25% -77.09 0 Comment
FoolPep 30.17 6/8/2021 Outperform 3W $4.10 -92.44% -0.17% -92.27 0 Comment
Tutelary < 20 5/19/2021 Outperform 3Y $3.74 -91.71% +3.52% -95.23 1 Comment
TheMyF < 20 2/16/2021 Outperform 5Y $3.74 -91.70% +7.08% -98.78 0 Comment
foggs1 59.47 3/15/2021 Outperform 5Y $4.34 -92.86% +6.98% -99.84 0 Comment

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