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TMFStockSpam (27.62)
Submitted August 16, 2012

FMBV - Full Motion Beverage:A Low Float, Momentum 4 Cent StockThe Float on FMBV is less than 10M shares. This is one of the lowest float we haveseen in a few months. And if you remember our last low float pick and how well it moved considering the… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.62) Submitted: 8/16/2012 3:01:01 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.02 NASDAQ OTC:FMBV Score: +286.88

FMBV - Full Motion Beverage:A Low Float, Momentum 4 Cent Stock

The Float on FMBV is less than 10M shares. This is one of the lowest float we have
seen in a few months. And if you remember our last low float pick and how well it moved considering the size of its float, then you can imagine how FMBV will be moving today.

No doubt you have all seen and heard about how lucrative the energy drink industry is.
You need not look further than the local gym, grocery store or gas station to see how
many brands are out there and how much marketing is done promoting these products.

The fact of the matter is that Energy Drinks are an extremely dynamic and profitable industry which good following and good margins. People are always looking for a
healthier drink to keep them going. Something that doesn't come with a sugar crash
like Sodas.

FMBV operates in just that area and I think you should take a closer look at what
exactly they do and what they have accomplished so far.

Why does FMBV do?

FMBV is a diversified beverage company which owns, develops, markets, and
distributes various non-alcoholic beverage products and brands in the United States.

FMBV offers various energy drinks under the Energize, Mojava & Lean Lemon,
DynaPep, and Quick to Sleep brands; refreshment beverages under the
CinCyn Cinnamon brand; fruit drinks under the Ralph & Charlie's brand; ice pops
under the PowerIce and Skinny Dipper brands; sodas under the Tropical Fantasy
brand; cinnamon drinks under the CinCyn brand; and bottle water for kids under
the WAT-AAH! brand, as well as MOJAVA, a ready-to-drink black coffee beverage

FMBV ENERGIZE is one of the two flagship brands. Performaxx ENERGIZE(TM) is the ultimate 2 oz. energy boost. It is the perfect mid day booster and late night companion
that is sugar free, zero carb, fast acting, solution that gives you four to five hours of
energy and alertness.

ENERGIZE(TM) is packed with Vitamins B12 and B6 and sold in great tasting orange
and lemon-lime. ENERGIZE(TM) is a perfect balance of energy supplements and
vitamins that will keep you alert and focused without the unpleasant effects of
crashing that comes from other over caffeinated energy shots.

FMBV MOJAVA is the second flagship brand. Performaxx MOJAVA, a ready-to-drink (RTD) black coffee beverage. MOJAVA is the only RTD coffee made without any milk, dairy, non-dairy creamers and or substitutes, or soy ingredients in the U.S. market for
RTD coffee.

Using just 1% of the market share for the RTD coffee sold in the United States
(estimated at upwards of $1 Billion in sales) the potential market is a dramatic $50M in revenue for MOJAVA

Most recently the company accomplished important progress with regards to
increasing it product line-up as well as distribution plans.

FMBV has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the makers of GX Supplements to
acquire the full spectrum of WM Holdings, LLC including the complete line of GX Supplements. The best sellers include GN.O. Plasma, an extreme pre-workout
supplement, Rebuild, GX's post workout or meal replacement product, and the rest
of the line of proprietary products. These products are not incoherent proprietary
blends like most companies. They are hardcore. Check them out at

When asked about this, Dean Petkanas, Director of FMBV says:

"We are excited to sign this Letter of Intent so we can begin the full review of the
GX Supplements brand. We feel that GX Supplements portfolio could be a perfect
starting point to grab a hold of this rapidly growing market."

When having lots of products, storage can be an expensive form of overhead.
The most affordable solution for the bottom line is warehousing. Well Full Motion
is on top of the gamut:

FMBV will launch DSD operations in the New York Market through a wholly owned subsidiary Full Motion Warehousing, Inc. The plan is to approach the entire US
marketplace with its own individual proprietary brands, adding in some new ones and developing its own line of sports nutrition supplements and RTD sports drinks.

With this in place, here is the plan.

DSD will service its home market of New York to include, but not limited to C-stores, Supermarkets, Gyms and Sports Nutrition stores. This strategy allows the company
first hand feedback on its products from consumers and retailers. Full Motion
Warehousing also has plans to distribute other products that will complement
their lines giving them the ability to offer a full portfolio of quality products.
The Company will continue to seek and work with Major distributors throughout the
US to reach their target Markets and achieve maximum distribution for its products.

FMBV will develop a full line of sports drinks and supplements called Energize Pro.
Energize Pro will be based on the company's existing brand Energize(TM) Energy Shot.
The first flavor to be developed will a wild berry flavored athletic based energy drink.

"This has been a long time coming considering the outgrowth of the sports energy supplement market and the continued growth of two ounce energy shots overall.
We believe Energize Pro will gain positive traction with aging Americans who seek
a more active and sports related lifestyle," says Dean Petkanas, Director of FMBV.

FMBV announced the launch of Full Motion Sports Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary
that will focus on the development and sales of sports related drinks and dietary supplements.

Sales of energy drinks such as V, Red Bull and Mother have been growing at
double-digit rates for the past three years, while cola, the traditional king of the
soft drinks, have struggled to grow at half that rate.

And the trend is accelerating, with sales of energy drinks at gas stations and
convenience stores rising by 10 per cent over the 12 months to the end of
the season, and by 18 per cent in grocery stores over the same period.

So I hope you can now see the potential FMBV has to offer and how it is an
attractive pick.

I strongly urge you to start you research ASAP and to be ready this
morning when the bell rings.

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