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Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. (NASDAQOTCBB:FRHV)

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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.54) Submitted: 4/13/2010 6:28:52 PM : Underperform Start Price: $1,400.00 NASDAQ OTC:FRHV Score: +383.11

Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. (FRHV)

Yesterday, FRHV traded more than 86mil shares for a move of around 189%. In our opinion FRHV has the strongest momentum in the micros and we believe it could be ready to skyrocket! For a stock currently at $.11, we believe FRHV has enormous upside. We have been looking high and low for a company that we believe could match the excitement of MCGI and we feel that FRHV is that company!!!

Who is Fresh Harvest Products, Inc.?
FRHV was established to provide the highest grade offering of natural and organic food and beverages to the public. FRHV develops, sells an d markets healthy food and beverage products (snack foods, beverages, frozen pizza) to consumers through local, regional and national supermarkets and retailers; distributors; wholesalers; and an on-line Web-store.
They currently own two of the hottest organic brands in the market: "Wings of Nature" Snack Products and "A.C. LaRocco Pizza".
FRHV products have ALREADY been on shelves in Walgreen's, Whole Foods, Publix, Food Lion, Kroger, Giant , Albertsons, Shaw's, Piggly Wiggly, Martin’s, Meijer , Discount Drug Mart, Fred Meyer and Jewel!!!
For a company like FRHV at this price range to already have products on the shelves of major supermarkets and retail chains like this is simply staggering!
The acquisition of A.C. LaRocco alone is projected to increase annual revenue by roughly $1.5mil!!
This is HUGE for a ground floor company trading at these levels!

The united States is the largest pizza market in the world with consumer sales of about $37 billion! $4.4 billion of that alone is frozen pizza!
FRHV is currently negotiating a joint venture with two food and beverage companies for product development and distribution expansion! Yes, they are talking about expansion!!!
FRHV is also exploring other product lines which may include organic health and beauty products. These ‘non-food’ organic products grew 39.4% in the U.S. in 2008!
The organic food market is a growing sector and this is something we obviously look closely at when evaluating companies. FRHV is right in the middle of an industry that has seen a HUG E increase in sales despite a down economy.
Many of our business analysts have remarked on how their families have gone organic in their cupboards and refrigerators over the past year. The organic foods industry is simply a booming business!
The nutrition industry sales totaled approximately $110 billion in the U.S. in 2009, up $10 billion from 2008, according to Nutrition Business Journal! Mor e than $600 billion is spent by consumers in the wellness industry each year!
This was in the middle of the worst recession we've seen in over 50 years!
In a March 15, 2010 press release, a representative from Expo West stated, "While the economy recovers, the natural and organic industry continues to grow.
Growth in retail sales for Organic and Natural Products has equaled 20% or more ANNUALLY since 1990!
Organic products are now sold in over 73% of conventional grocery stores.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 76mil Americans are sickened, 325,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 dies each year from foodborne illnesses. Organic foods are safer and also have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients.
Several organic companies have literally had the recipe to success…and FRHV is no exception. With its recently acquired AC LaRocco Pizza’s, we think FRHV will see the same success as another natural foods powerhouse. Amy’s Kitchen began operation in 1987 with a small line of organic, easily prepared foods.
Now Amy’s Kitchen foods are carried in nearly every mainstream super market, and they are reported to have annual revenues of around $250mil.
Sound familiar?
If there’s one fact we can’t overstate, it’s that Big Business, is investing heavily in natural/organic companies. Take a look at some of these numbers:
Odwalla Juice and Fresh Samantha (juice) bought by Coca-Cola for $181mil!
Boca Burgers was bought by Kraft Foods for around $100mil!
Naked Juice was bought by Pepsi Co for over $150mil!
Clif Bar turned down $120mil for their company, and later had Allied Capital invest $29mil to help with expansion!
We always stress how important a strong Management Team is to the success of a growth company. FRHV has a team that will blow you away!
This group is made up of a strategic mix of industry heavy weights. It ranges from one of the creators of StoveTop Stuffing and Jello, to a retail expert who is a former executive of Publix Supermarkets!
< /p>
As always, we encourage all of our subscribers to do their own due diligence on FRHV and to visit the company web site at:
Keep FRHV on your Radar Screen for more news and activity on the stock!


We're going to release stocks that range from the sub penny level all the way up to the dollar mark. As always, thanks for being a member and get ready for another week of PROFIT$, PROFIT$ and PROFIT$!!!!

******************************************************************************** Team

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