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$1,891.25 $4.35 (0.2%)

04:00 PM EST on 01/21/21

Google C Shares (NASDAQ:GOOG)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

Current Price $1,891.25 Mkt Cap $1,274.0B
Open $1,898.00 P/E Ratio 36.01
Prev. Close $1,880.07 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $1,887.11 - $1,934.86 Volume 2,060,045
52-Wk Range $1,013.54 - $1,934.86 Avg. Daily Vol. 1,521,541


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KrimmelMoney (91.53)
Submitted September 14, 2017

Google is one of the most significant innovators of our era, with their OS being the most widely used. They have a lot of up and coming technologies such as self-driving cars. They also have great brands such as Youtube. Google is a company I plan on… More

LastPlaceLenny (70.57)
Submitted March 15, 2019

Gonna be close to the market. It's almost a market all on it's own, with it's divisions and areas of interest.



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Member Avatar Margaritarius (< 20) Submitted: 1/19/2021 11:18:55 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1,742.60 NASDAQ:GOOG Score: -6.62

The Fool won't let me short the market, so for the few folks who follow my picks I'm singling out Google to share this prediction with you and let you know what I just did with my capital (serves 'em right for censoring Americans like a communistic regime) . . .

For the second time in my 30 years of investing, I liquidated all stocks last Friday (not counting the time I sold all stocks to return to school and finish my degree). The other time was last February when I saw the pandemic panic coming, before jumping back in a month later.

I do not believe that 25,000 troops are in DC simply to guard the inauguration. The election fraud saga is not over. I suspect that a massive investigation into these affairs is about to end with a major sting operation likely to shock the world and the market. Trump and the military are far smarter than our enemies suspect. For evidence of this I will merely point to the EO Trump signed September 2018 concerning foreign interference in our elections and also to your common sense. That order allows the executive branch to do far more than issue sanctions against foreign entities.

I have just shorted the market by allocating 95% of my portfolio to SH. If I'm wrong I could lose five to ten percent. If I'm right, I'm likely to earn 30 percent or more within a month.

Do your homework and as always trust your gut.


Member Avatar joedoe49 (< 20) Submitted: 12/31/2020 12:26:07 PM : Outperform Start Price: $1,744.98 NASDAQ:GOOG Score: +4.99

Time experience and works on many technology fronts, including AI. This diversification makes it a steady grower.


Member Avatar kewpiepoo (65.48) Submitted: 12/28/2020 3:43:12 PM : Outperform Start Price: $1,780.32 NASDAQ:GOOG Score: +3.01

It's a verb and has tons of optionality


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TMFRSP (42.24) Score: +375.60

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TMFRSP 42.24 4/29/2011 Outperform 5Y $271.78 +595.88% +220.28% +375.60 0 Comment
cobwebstocks 61.79 1/12/2015 Outperform 5Y $494.94 +282.12% +87.98% +194.14 0 Comment
kiwimark101 63.69 1/9/2015 Outperform 5Y $495.79 +281.46% +88.09% +193.38 0 Comment
kdjohns 84.79 1/9/2015 1/22/2020 Outperform 5Y $496.67 +280.78% +88.02% +192.76 0 Comment
Decoder59 70.27 1/8/2015 Outperform 5Y $497.99 +279.78% +88.34% +191.43 0 Comment
TMFEdyboom223 97.35 1/8/2015 1/6/2020 Outperform 5Y $497.99 +279.78% +88.34% +191.43 0 Comment
ElCid16 90.50 1/13/2015 Outperform 5Y $498.84 +279.13% +88.24% +190.89 0 Comment
ScrittiPolitti 97.74 1/8/2015 Outperform 5Y $500.35 +277.99% +87.16% +190.83 0 Comment
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cfin 98.05 1/9/2015 Outperform 5Y $504.76 +274.68% +86.16% +188.52 0 Comment

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