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TMFStockSpam (27.51)
Submitted November 05, 2013

Phase 2 Breakout Alert: Green Endeavors, Inc (GRNE) Traders , A small change of plans. We were originally looking at another company to bring you, but after finishing our research, we didn`t think it was quite ready to release. But as we were… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.51) Submitted: 11/5/2013 9:41:00 AM : Underperform Start Price: $0.01 NASDAQ OTC:GRNE Score: -1,177.02

Phase 2 Breakout Alert: Green Endeavors, Inc (GRNE) Traders , A small change of plans. We were originally looking at another company to bring you, but after finishing our research, we didn`t think it was quite ready to release. But as we were researching that company, we went back and looked at a similar sized one that we profiled a month ago with a similar market cap, share structure and float - GRNE - and we loved what we saw. Thus today, GRNE must be on your radar. The last time we profiled GRNE, it gained around 30% that day, and went on to gain over 100% in the following days.

GRNE is about to enter phase 2 of its long term breakout, having passed the phase 1 breakout and held its gains with extremely strong support around $0.006 - just above its closing price today. Take a closer look at the GRNE chart and you`ll see what I mean... The initial breakout in GRNE occurred around $0.004, and hit a high of $0.01. It has since consolidated beautifully - like healthy breakouts do - and now it has proven it has a lot of buy support, we think it is ready to break through $0.01 resistance and continue its uptrending breakout pattern. So that`s the technical trading setup in GRNE - and is the main reason why you should not delay at looking to enter a position in GRNE. But we really like the f undamentals of GRNE too. According to this Company issued Press Release , GRNE has seen a substantial increase
in sales over the past year , jumping 16.7% for the nine months ended September 30, 2013 and 12.1% for the three months ended September 30,
2013, over the comparable periods in 2012. This follows on from increases from the June period as announced here . And GRNE`s small market cap makes this play even more enticing.

According to Yahoo! Finance , GRNE has a Market Cap of only around $1m - a massive discount to its Enterprise Value of $4.7m We LOVE small market cap Companies, especially ones that are actually deriving revenues and making profits.Time and time again, as GRNE showed us last time, these small market cap companies can give us big short and longer term gains.

Important - Please Read this next section carefully >>>>> GRNE`s Enterprise Value is $4.7m (per Yahoo! Finance), therefore GRNE could be considered grossly undervalued at just $0.008 ($1.1m market cap). It`s share price would need to more than quadruple for its market value to reach its enterprise value. That`s a 400%+ increase or $0.032 share price. Now I know I have you excited and you want to know more about GRNE, so here it is... Green Endeavors, Inc. (GRNE) , headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a holding company with operations in health & beauty. GRNE `s wholly owned subsidiaries, Landis Salons, Inc. and Landis Salons II, Inc. , operate hair salons built around the world-class AVEDA (TM) product
line. GRNE`s newest wholly owned subsidiary Landis Experience Center, LLC., , sell a full array of Aveda (TM)
products. Using the Aveda (TM) proven health and beauty concepts, GRNE`s exceptional management and staff have allowed Landis Salons to generate substantial revenues since its inception.

GRNE`s salons are founded on the spirit of community, outstanding customer service, beautiful ambiance, talented stylists, and making customers feel second-to-none.

In addition, GRNE`s Landis Salons are dedicated to environmental sustainability. All Landis Lifestyle Salon locations participate in Rocky Mountain Power`s Visionary Blue Sky progam, utilizing as much renewable energy as possible. The Landis Lifestyle Salon in the Liberty Heights neighborhood in Salt Lake City is the only salon designated as an E2 Business. The E2 Program is a group of Salt Lake City businesses devoted to environmental and economic sustainability. Landis Salons have never "gone green." They started out that way. For more information about GRNE, visit their website at .

Now take a look at some of the recent press releases issued by GRNE highlighting the company`s strong recent financial performance... GRNE Seeks to Hire 20 New Stylists Over the Next 6 Months Marketwired (Thu 31 Oct) Landis Lifestyle Salons Recognized as One of the Country`s Top 200 Salons for Its Recruitment and Training Program Marketwired (Mon 21 Oct) GRNE Reports Revenues of $2.65M and $878K for the Nine and Three Months Ended September 30, 2013 Marketwired (Mon 14 Oct) GRNE Enters Into Agreement to Satisfy Convertible Note Holder Marketwired (Sat 12 Oct) GRNE Reports Revenue of $274,346 for September 2013; Up 3.97% Over September 2012 Marketwired (Mon 7 Oct) GRNE Reports Revenue of $314,070 for August 2013; Up 13.1% Over August 2012 Marketwired (Thu 3 Oct) Green Endeavors Ranked Among Utah`s Top Public Companies for 2012 Marketwired (Wed 2 Oct) GRNE`s 2nd Quarter Form 10Q Filing Shows Income From Operations on Increased Revenues Marketwired (Tue 8:30AM EDT) GRNE Reports Revenue of $289,966 for July 2013; Up 19.96% Over July 2012 Marketwired (Tue, Sep 10) GRNE`s 1st Quarter Form 10Q Filing Shows Marked Financial Improvements Marketwired (Wed, Aug 28) GRNE Appoints CFO and New Director Marketwired (Tue, Jul 9) GRNE Reports Revenue of $315,130 for May 2013; Up 20.8% Over May 2012 Marketwired (Mon, Jul 1) GRNE Reports First Quarter 2013 Total Revenue of $855,237; up 16.5% Over 2012 Marketwired (Wed, May 29) GRNED Reports Revenue of $313,626 for March 2013; Up 17.1% Over March 2012 Marketwired (Thu, Apr 11) We are extremely bullish on GRNE, here`s a quick recap why... GRNE has a small Market Cap of $1.1m and is massively discounted to its Enterprise Value of $4.7m GRNE is growing, earning revenues now with strong, regular periodic increases in revenue Extremely bullish technical setup with a strong uptrend, solid support and phase 2 breakout about to occur Hurry. Do your final research on GRNE now before the opening bell. The Team Click Below to Join Our Social Media Networks Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE


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TMFStockSpam (27.51) Score: -1,177.02

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