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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.68) Submitted: 11/19/2010 6:04:20 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.01 NASDAQ OTC:HIRU Score: +292.56

Hiru Corporation (PINK SHEETS:HIRU) ( subsidiary Jiangxi Shaungshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Shaungshi AHP) launched the Jiangxi Shaungshi Biological Medicines Institute.

Shuangshi AHP is currently researching several new veterinary drugs for development within the next two years. The company launched this new institute to strengthen and speed up the research and development processes. The Institute will allow the company a better focus and concentration of its talent in bio-tech development and research. Shaungshi AHP has elected Li Rui to be director of the institute.

Hiru Corporation intends to continue its work in the development, production and marketing of both well-established and new veterinary drugs, and nutritional additives (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc.) for the Chinese market.

The company is pleased with this development and looks forward to future growth.

In other HIRU news, HIRU is using the services of Go800. Go800™ is a new patent pending text messaging service that enables advertisers to incorporate a text prompt in their advertisements, allowing consumers to contact them through a text message rather than calling a 1-800 toll free number. The Go800™ platform uses simple Voice Keywords™ rather than forgettable toll free numbers or lengthy URLs.

This service is now available to investors. Investors with any public company can text the stock symbol (Voice Keyword™) to 46800 (Go800). Seconds later, the investor's cell phone rings as Go800™ connects them directly to the company's investor relations department. Go800™ gives investor relations the ability to stay visible, build relationships, refute rumors, and address any investor inquiry quickly and easily.


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TMFStockSpam (27.68) Score: +292.56

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TMFStockSpam 27.68 11/18/2010 Underperform NS $0.01 -65.71% +226.84% +292.56 1 Comment

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