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$28.91 -$1.72 (-5.6%)

04:00 PM EDT on 05/12/21

ChipMOS Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:IMOS)

CAPS Rating: No stars

The Company provides a range of semiconductor testing and assembly services for memory, mixed-signal, and LCD and other flat-panel display driver semiconductors.

Current Price $28.91 Mkt Cap $30.3B
Open $30.00 P/E Ratio 11.59
Prev. Close $41.65 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $28.59 - $30.00 Volume 66,559
52-Wk Range $18.20 - $36.31 Avg. Daily Vol. 31,474


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JohnnyiPhone (79.93)
Submitted June 13, 2008

Member of the "Mini-Cap Monsters."

mojo2007 (< 20)
Submitted March 22, 2008

Close to its 52 week low, sales are decreasing, and from the looks of it, everyone predicting an outperform has lost points. This one's going all the way down.

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Member Avatar JimVanMeerten (62.17) Submitted: 4/7/2021 3:56:23 PM : Outperform Start Price: $31.97 NASDAQ:IMOS Score: -9.25

100% technical buy signals.
15 new highs and up 19.34% in the last month.
78.01% gain in the last year.
The Barchart Chart of the Day belongs to the integrated circuit company ChipMOS Technilogies (NASDAQ:IMOS). I found the stock by using Barchart's powerful screening tools to find the stocks with the highest Weighted Alpha and technical buy signals. After I sorted for the most frequent number of new highs in the last month, I used the Flipchart feature to review the charts for consistent prices appreciation. Since the Trend Spotter signaled a buy on 2/12 the stock gained 19.34%.

ChipMOS Technologies researches, develops, manufactures, and sells high integration and high precision integrated circuits, and related assembly and testing services. The company operates through Testing; Assembly; Testing and Assembly for Liquid Crystal Display and Other Flat-Panel Display Driver Semiconductors; and Bumping segments. It provides a range of back-end assembly and test services, including engineering test, wafer probing and final test of memory and logic/mixed-signal semiconductors, as well as leadframe-and organic substrate-based package assembly services for memory and logic/mixed-signal semiconductors; and gold bumping, reel to reel assembly, and test services for LCD and other flat-panel display driver semiconductors. The company's semiconductors are used in personal computers; graphics applications, such as game consoles; communications equipment; mobile products comprising cellular handsets, tablets, and consumer electronic products; and automotive/industry and display applications, such as display panels. It serves customers in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and internationally. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Barchart's Opinion Trading systems are listed below. Please note that the Barchart Opinion indicators are updated live during the session every 20 minutes and can therefore change during the day as the market fluctuates. The indicator numbers shown below therefore may not match what you see live on the website when you read this report.

Barchart technical indicators:

100% technical buy signals
84.93+ Weighted Alpha
78.01% gain in the last year
Trend Spotter buy signal
Above its 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages
15 new highs and up 19.34% in the last month
Relative Strength Index 72.80%
Technical support level at 31.85
Recently traded at 31.93 with a 50 day moving average of 27.51
Fundamental factors:

Market Cap $1.17 billion
P/E 14.42
Dividend yield 2.96%
Revenue expected to grow 2.40% this year and another 8.50% next year
Earnings estimated to compound at an annual rate of 10.00% for the next 5 years
Wall Street analysts have issued 1 buy recommendation on the stock
The individual investors following the stock on Motley Fool voted 257 to 31 that the stock will beat the market
3,220 investors are monitoring the stock on Seeking Alpha
The Barchart Chart of the Day highlights stocks that are experiencing exceptional current price appreciation. They are not intended to be buy recommendations as these stock are extremely volatile and speculative. Should you decide to add one of these stocks to your investment portfolio it is highly suggested you follow a predetermined diversification and moving stop loss discipline that is consistent with your personal investment risk tolerance and reevaluate your stop losses at least on a weekly basis.


Member Avatar ETMatyahoo (40.26) Submitted: 8/4/2017 11:31:59 AM : Outperform Start Price: $17.52 NASDAQ:IMOS Score: +1.12

July 2017 Stodgy screener (enter August)


Member Avatar chris293 (49.52) Submitted: 3/16/2015 12:08:55 AM : Outperform Start Price: $19.50 NASDAQ:IMOS Score: -42.33

This Stock with its steady growth seems sure to overtake the market soon.


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reachmygoals1 (< 20) Score: +322.45

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Member Name Member
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reachmygoals1 < 20 11/5/2010 Outperform 3M $4.42 +553.91% +231.46% +322.45 0 Comment
MicroMikey 71.35 4/29/2010 Outperform 5Y $4.88 +492.89% +237.56% +255.33 0 Comment
cecamadocv4 98.71 9/12/2011 Outperform 5Y $4.79 +503.95% +251.77% +252.19 0 Comment
gaosiyou 55.04 12/13/2010 Outperform 5Y $5.07 +470.07% +224.20% +245.87 0 Comment
maniacdog10 72.49 1/18/2011 Outperform 5Y $5.56 +420.08% +213.03% +207.04 1 Comment
OffWallst 70.84 6/18/2010 3/8/2012 Outperform 5Y $5.30 +445.58% +263.40% +182.18 0 Comment
stabfederline 28.10 1/3/2007 Underperform 3W $22.46 +28.70% +202.50% +173.80 0 Comment
Raffito 83.83 5/27/2010 Outperform 5Y $5.40 +435.74% +269.53% +166.21 0 Comment
Chiownknee2 < 20 9/24/2008 Outperform 5Y $5.75 +402.44% +249.23% +153.21 0 Comment
KramerHead < 20 5/4/2007 Underperform NS $22.04 +31.17% +184.32% +153.15 0 Comment

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