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04:00 PM EST on 02/26/24

Inuvo, Inc. (NYSEMKT:INUV)

CAPS Rating: No stars

The Company and its subsidiaries provide marketing and technology solutions to businesses and individuals. Its business is organized into Network, Direct, Advertising and Consumer Services segments.

Current Price $0.46 Mkt Cap $63.5M
Open $0.42 P/E Ratio -4.73
Prev. Close $0.46 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $0.42 - $0.47 Volume 769,807
52-Wk Range $0.12 - $0.57 Avg. Daily Vol. 514,352


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greggborne (< 20)
Submitted December 08, 2006

New CEO Scott Mitchell is nothing short of a superstar. This is a turnaround story with exceptional management, critical mass, and a killer space. Mitchell is a phenomena in the Internet space that is unrivaled. What he has accomplished in just 9… More

cmblackburn (93.61)
Submitted March 19, 2007

Based on personal experience and intimate knowledge of the management, this stock will underperform the market. THK, which is nothing more than a holding corporation, has purchased several profitable companies over the last few years. However, in… More

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Member Avatar JWBuffett (< 20) Submitted: 11/30/2014 9:44:36 AM : Outperform Start Price: $1.23 NYSE MKT:INUV Score: -207.89

Inuvo is very cheap on a PEG basis - the company has strung together 6 straight quarters of GAAP profits and revenue appears to be growing despite a shrinking expense base. This is the only profitable small cap company in the mobile advertising space.


Member Avatar AdInvestor (< 20) Submitted: 10/20/2014 2:41:15 PM : Outperform Start Price: $1.27 NYSE MKT:INUV Score: -230.18

Inuvo is very cheap relative to its revenue and earnings. The company is growing both at a double digit rate in the uber high growth mobile advertising space. I expect the company to start acquiring smaller App developers to leverage their Google/Yahoo advertising partnerships and their expertise at mobile monetization.


Member Avatar CoconutStocks (33.68) Submitted: 10/4/2007 12:36:32 PM : Outperform Start Price: $1.72 NYSE MKT:INUV Score: -317.38

-Hugely Undervalued

-Growing by leaps and bounds! (Business wire article below)

Watch this stock sky-rocket once those figures start showing up in the revenues


"Quarter over quarter total number of searches has grown by 101% from Q1 to Q2 and by an anticipated 33% from Q2 to Q3. Searches in the month of September have already set an all-time monthly high and are expected to exceed the three month combined total for Q1."


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hibetals (91.18) Score: +373.98


Which is to say, you hate "accuracy", right? I know I do. Man, it's dumb. What's with the breakpoints? What's with the gains harvesting?


"Score leader" at least makes sense. Summing score linearly is dumb, but I guess it measures max-out-your-slots players against their 200-pick peers.

It's not that measuring how often someone is right is so bad, it's that the method is so gameable.

Measuring Goldman's picks this way could work. Measuring players who know 1/3 of their rating depends on the metric cannot.

Member Name Member
Call Time
Score Commentary
cmblackburn 93.61 3/19/2007 Underperform 1Y $2.65 -82.64% +281.97% +364.61 2 Comments
hibetals 91.18 5/11/2007 Underperform NS $2.60 -82.31% +255.90% +338.21 0 Comment
warrenout 37.68 11/2/2016 Underperform 5Y $1.15 -60.00% +140.90% +200.90 0 Comment
80brown 99.36 1/8/2019 Underperform 5Y $1.19 -61.34% +97.46% +158.80 0 Comment
aleambrogini 42.07 3/2/2021 Outperform 5Y $1.63 -71.78% +29.80% -101.58 0 Comment
acmueller1 27.34 8/3/2016 Outperform 5Y $1.56 -70.51% +134.82% -205.33 0 Comment
JWBuffett < 20 12/2/2014 Outperform 3Y $1.23 -62.60% +145.29% -207.89 1 Comment
orobica 26.93 5/7/2014 Outperform 5Y $0.77 -40.26% +170.48% -210.74 0 Comment
Zdbrowning 26.22 6/3/2014 Outperform 5Y $0.89 -48.31% +162.99% -211.30 0 Comment
zal3942 < 20 9/11/2014 Outperform 5Y $1.49 -69.13% +153.34% -222.47 0 Comment

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