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Interoil Corp (NYSE:IOC)

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A developing fully-integrated energy company whose focus is on operations in Papua New Guinea and its surrounding region.

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rwebankrupt (69.84)
Submitted September 14, 2010

PetroChina Company Limited is their unnamed strategic partner.

jeetaylor (< 20)
Submitted October 19, 2009

Barry Minkow and Sam Antar think something smells funny over at IOC.


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Member Avatar kotel (< 20) Submitted: 5/9/2014 10:12:40 AM : Outperform Start Price: $59.55 NYSE:IOC Score: -120.96



Member Avatar randa021 (< 20) Submitted: 6/25/2013 6:05:15 PM : Outperform Start Price: $70.16 NYSE:IOC Score: -168.11

This will either be a great play or a great bust. I am betting on the former. I would not bet the retirement on it but taking a flyer on it could pay very well.


Member Avatar dmarque (< 20) Submitted: 5/14/2013 7:43:10 AM : Outperform Start Price: $79.50 NYSE:IOC Score: -170.70

Apparently those on MF that are following IOC do not grasp the fundamental concept that:
!) IOC sits on a vast storehouse of natural gas.
2) That the geological formation in which it is trapped is a jungle formerly an ancient reef. This permeable structure makes extraction considerably easier.
3) The geographic location of Indonesia is in the heart of the highest market prices for natural gas in the world. China, India, Korea and Japan are starving for access to there clean energy needs and currently are paying $17/mcf.
4) At $80/share IOC gas assets are selling for an equivalent of $00.60 per mcf !!!
5) This is a energy rich environment and CONSIDERABLY more assets will be identified with subsequent e&p activities.
6). A minimum of 3 super majors desperate for new sources of O&G resources are currently battling in a bidding war for these assets.
7) Motley Fool is preoccupied with eanings reports on a company that is on the verge of being a breakout development company (a development company is not concerned with earnings......until an OFFICIAL FID is announced).
8) The FID will officially make public the amount of capital and sources of capital to move this company from its developmental stage to that of an active E&P Company and only after that are earnings a factor of measure.

Best wishes!


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jatruax 71.55 5/21/2009 Underperform 5Y $36.35 +33.04% +331.05% +298.01 0 Comment
oposszum 24.35 4/6/2009 Underperform 1Y $29.50 +63.93% +359.26% +295.33 0 Comment
FinancialModeler 26.09 5/22/2009 Underperform NS $35.87 +34.82% +328.02% +293.20 0 Comment
chipotlepickle 34.93 5/15/2009 Underperform NS $34.39 +40.62% +333.41% +292.79 0 Comment
DamnYouGreenspan < 20 5/18/2009 Underperform 5Y $35.85 +34.90% +327.58% +292.68 0 Comment
SurvivalStout 72.38 5/18/2009 Underperform 5Y $35.85 +34.90% +327.58% +292.68 0 Comment
JaredCCC < 20 5/18/2009 Underperform NS $35.85 +34.90% +327.58% +292.68 0 Comment
Tarukar 92.61 4/27/2009 Underperform 3Y $30.70 +57.52% +346.55% +289.03 0 Comment
DavisFreeberg 91.65 5/15/2009 Underperform 3Y $34.40 +40.58% +328.90% +288.32 0 Comment
berko87 90.05 5/12/2009 Underperform NS $36.43 +32.75% +320.96% +288.21 0 Comment

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