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TMFStockSpam (27.70)
Submitted February 26, 2010

This stock spam was originally sent to UltraLong:Jim Cramer, James Dines, The Motley Fool, Forbes and eventhe U.S. Geological Survey have seen this megatrend unfolding...The ComingLithium Spike of 2010Get in on the ground floor of this obscure junior… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.70) Submitted: 2/26/2010 1:54:27 PM : Underperform Start Price: $1.00 NASDAQ OTC:LIEG Score: +356.81

This stock spam was originally sent to UltraLong:

Jim Cramer, James Dines, The Motley Fool, Forbes and even
the U.S. Geological Survey have seen this megatrend unfolding...

The Coming
Lithium Spike of 2010

Get in on the ground floor of this obscure junior mining company and you could make nearly 3 times your money—turning $10,000 into $28,000 as this stock zooms from $0.89 to $2.50 in 10 to 12 months.

Why? Because with new fuel economy standards set at 35.5 miles per gallon, the only way automakers can meet this mandate is with lithium-powered electric cars.

That’s why…
The Obama Administration is pouring $2.4 billion into hybrid production(that means lithium)The U.S. government is loaning $25 billion to carmakers for lithium-powered vehicles; the Administration’s goal: 1 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015There is a lithium shortage...there is NOT enough lithium required by carmakers to power the batteries these vehicles require!

And when demand increases and supply decreases, no matter whether you’re talking gold or oil or lithium, the price increases!
This is creating a historic explosion in the price of lithium!

The good news: I’ve discovered Li3 Energy, Inc. (LIEG)—what I consider to be the best and largest lithium junior mining company positioned to make a killing by helping fill the rising demand.

Click here to claim your FREE copy of my new Special Report (a $29 value)
and to learn more about Li3 Energy

To Investors Seeking Triple-digit Profits,

The electric car is finally here-and it brings with it a unique opportunity for you to make potentially 3 times your money over the next 10 to 12 months.

Hold on for a bit longer and you could make 10 times your money as the electric car takes the world by storm.

And you will have achieved those multiples by investing in lithium-the Rare Earth metal that makes the electric car possible.

With demand for lithium soaring, supplies are scarce and prices are spiking higher every day. I’ve seen mining companies all over the world scrambling to find more.

Lithium is the “new oil”

Investors who get on board now could reap windfall profits in the months and years ahead as this historic megatrend sweeps the world.

Getting into a lithium mining stock now is like investing in oil at the turn of the 20th century, just as the automobile began to make its mark on America. Many old family fortunes were built by investing in just one good oil stock.

Now you have a chance to follow in their footsteps with the Rare Earth metal the PBS NewsHour says "may soon make our old-fashioned, oil-dependent vehicle obsolete." And Forbes says it could replace petroleum as “the world’s biggest commodity.”

Even Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money has jumped on the lithium bandwagon, telling his viewers that investing in a mining company is the best way to play the lithium boom. And I agree with him wholeheartedly.

A lithium mining stock you must own

My name is David Morgan. I’m the editor of The Morgan Report—an investment newsletter devoted to uncovering the world’s most profitable opportunities in mining and natural resource stocks. Perhaps you’ve seen me on FOX or CNBC or have read about me in The Wall Street Journal, Bull & Bear or Future magazine.

Over the past several years, I’ve led members of The Morgan Report to some spectacular profits with picks like these...
Silver Standard soared from $0.65 to more than $20-a gain of 2,976%Pan American rocketed upwards from $1 to more than $20-a 1,900% returnWestern Copper-later known as Western Silver-shot up 900%Hecla Mining, recommended at $0.50, soared to $5 for a 10-bagger

And now we’re poised and ready to make even bigger profits as demand for lithium soars and prices spike even higher thanks to the worldwide proliferation of the electric car.

I’ve done substantial research to find a junior mining company with the chance to bring you spectacular returns in the lithium space in the months and years ahead. Not surprisingly, though, 90% of what came across my desk wasn’t worth even a second look.

However, I did find one terrific stock-a little-known junior mining company called Li3 Energy, Inc. (LIEG). Li3 has locked up almost 300,000 acres of prime land in the U.S. and South America believed to hold vast reserves of lithium. I think it’s your best opportunity to reap windfall profits from the natural resource sector in the months ahead.

Plus, the company is sitting pretty right now with more than $3 million in the bank—something that few companies of Li3’s size can say.

I recently completed a new Special Report with all the highlights on why I’m so excited about Li3 Energy. It’s called Li3 and Lithium: As Good as Silver and Gold? (a $29 value).

You can read my Special Situation Alert online to see how you can get your FREE copy of this valuable new Special Report and to learn about...

4 reasons Li3 Energy could be the
natural resource opportunity of the year

Why am I so excited about Li3 Energy? Take a look...
Global demand for lithium is soaring
as the world is pushed into electric cars.

Lithium’s unique properties make it the ideal rechargeable battery for hybrid, plug-in and battery electric vehicles (EVs). And government subsidies, oil independence and environmental sustainability are the main factors driving rising lithium demand.

As a result, demand for lithium has been increasing for years. In fact, demand doubled in just 4 years. And according to the U.S. Geological Survey, it will double again over the next 4 years.

You see, whether we like it or not, governments all over the world are going "green." And they see the electric car as a way to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and reduce oil consumption at the same time.

Click here to read my Special Situation Alert online.

Obama has mandated
electric cars-creating a lithium spike

With that in mind, the Obama Administration has already tightened fuel economy standards to a minimum average of 35.5 miles per gallon by model year 2016. And the only way the automakers can hope to meet that ambitious mandate is with lithium-powered electric cars.
Meet David Morgan
as seen on
FOX and CNBC David Morgan’s members have earned returns of 900%...1,900%...and even 2,976%. Every month, members of his unique newsletter The Morgan Report get the best, most profitable picks in the natural resource sector.He’s been seen on FOX and CNBC, has been written up in The Wall Street Journal and is a popular speaker at global investment conferences.Morgan’s latest pick is a little-known junior mining company. This stock could earn investors nearly 3 times their money over the next 10 to 12 months as lithium prices spike thanks to the coming of the electric car.

Look who’s buying lithium now Virtually every major car company on the planet has announced a lithium-powered electric car including General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mitsubishi, Chrysler and Dodge.

Li3 Energy could ride the lithium wave to riches As you can see, lithium demand has soared since the early 1990s-and prices have increased as well.Thanks to the coming of the electric car, it’s virtually certain that both could continue to rise for years to come.

my lithium pick
could triple in
10 to 12 monthsCOMPANYACRESCanada Lithium Corp.1,000Lithium One Inc.49,973Black Hawk Exploration Inc.1,120American Lithium Minerals16,000TNR Gold33,810Li3 Energy, Inc.290,000I’m recommending Li3 because with its massive acreage, it could soon turn your $10,000 investment into $28,000.

Furthermore, the President is kicking in taxpayer money, spending $2.4 billion outright to encourage the production of hybrid vehicles. Obama’s also making $25 billion worth of so-called “green car loans” to automakers to help them develop and manufacture electric vehicles. Plus, buyers of electric cars get a $7,500 tax credit.

The Administration’s goal: 1 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015.

China and Europe are on board, too

The U.S. is far from alone. China-which already consumes 29% of the world’s lithium production-is also making a big push for electric vehicles. The government is offering subsidies of up to $8,800 per electric vehicle purchased by taxi fleets and local government agencies in 14 Chinese cities.

The government has also ordered the state electricity grid to set up electric charging stations in Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin.

European countries are also encouraging the production of electric cars. Portugal, for example, is building a nationwide network of recharging stations and is offering incentives and tax breaks equaling $11,500 to buyers of electric vehicles.

As a result, almost all major car companies have announced their intention to use lithium in upcoming vehicles:
GM has announced plans to build a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery plant to supply the power for its Chevy Volt, scheduled to debut in 2011, which will get an estimated 230 miles to the gallon.BMW plans to launch its remodeled Li-ion battery-powered 750i luxury sedan to the Japanese in 2010.Toyota intends to launch plug-in hybrid Priuses with Li-ion batteries later in 2010.Mercedes-Benz plans to launch its S400 Blue Hybrid with a Li-ion battery in 2010.The Ford Escape plug-in hybrid with the same power technology is slated for 2012.Nissan will use Li-ion batteries for the 65,000 hybrids they hope to manufacture in 2010.Mitsubishi Motors anticipates that demand for electric vehicles will increase 5-fold.The Tesla Roadster, Chrysler ecoVoyager, Dodge ZEO and Jeep Renegade are all slated for Li-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries are also widely used in portable consumer electronic devices including more than 60% of mobile phones and 90% of laptop computers.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, demand for lithium is growing at a rate of 4%–5% per year and demand for lithium destined for battery


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