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$218.00 $11.93 (5.8%)

12:14 PM EDT on 09/28/22

MicroStrategy, Inc. (NASDAQ:MSTR)

CAPS Rating: 1 out of 5

The Company is a provider of business intelligence software that enables companies to report, analyze and monitor the data stored across their enterprise to reveal the trends and insights needed to make better business decisions.

Current Price $218.00 Mkt Cap $2.3B
Open $207.60 P/E Ratio 0.00
Prev. Close $206.07 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $207.50 - $218.00 Volume 252,230
52-Wk Range $134.09 - $891.38 Avg. Daily Vol. 615,644


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Madmykl (97.53)
Submitted April 07, 2022

MSTR will live or die by the price of bitcoin. The price of bitcoin is going to the moon as institutions and governments buy it up… The only risks I see is if short term price action margin calls mstr. This could still happen, but unlikely. The most… More

d89 (58.78)
Submitted June 16, 2022

Bitcoin is a farce. Who is Satoshi? He could be somebody's cat. Has anyone even checked the code? How do we know it's set to 21M? Did Satoshi write the code? Where is it? Who checks it? Who maintains it? I could go on and on

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Member Avatar XMFFlygal (97.51) Submitted: 8/31/2022 9:14:47 PM : Underperform Start Price: $220.01 NASDAQ:MSTR Score: -4.53

This company sells software and plays the bitcoin market. Go figure.
They have added debt and issued more stock in order to buy bitcoins. Great when bitcoin is going up, but leverage hurts when when bitcoin goes down.
I like software companies that well, sell software.
The SEC doesn’t like the way they are reporting results. So short term they have government issues. They ARE working with FASB about the accounting issues, so that could be resolved.
So really this is kind of like a bitcoin ETF with a ho hum software company attached. Their pitch is wink wink we can be bought by people that can’t buy bitcoin ETF OR BITCOIN. so if you are a money manager who wants to play bitcoin, but you are not allowed… hey we are here to help you get around your rules.
Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t it.


Member Avatar lemiwinx (46.73) Submitted: 7/14/2022 1:41:40 PM : Outperform Start Price: $199.77 NASDAQ:MSTR Score: +9.56

If you like BTC, you like MSTR. BTC is like 90% of their business now thanks to Michael Saylor.


Member Avatar leaderoftheback (54.47) Submitted: 6/30/2022 10:18:12 PM : Underperform Start Price: $167.97 NASDAQ:MSTR Score: -30.90

don't think it will survive


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hdeamer 87.89 3/13/2009 4/8/2010 Outperform 1Y $33.24 +550.38% +397.26% +153.12 0 Comment
3st2 91.65 1/9/2009 Outperform NS $38.76 +457.75% +311.15% +146.61 0 Comment
BodyByDave 70.36 10/31/2008 8/2/2017 Outperform 3Y $40.66 +431.69% +291.26% +140.43 0 Comment
Jeffrey2012 23.15 11/18/2011 Underperform 5Y $126.68 +70.65% +200.37% +129.71 0 Comment
peaksanddips 90.78 10/13/2008 Outperform NS $41.27 +423.83% +299.94% +123.89 0 Comment
hamburglar6 33.59 5/2/2011 Underperform NS $141.97 +52.28% +170.08% +117.80 0 Comment
riste257 71.98 7/3/2012 Underperform 5Y $129.98 +66.32% +169.84% +103.52 0 Comment
sgstott 50.94 5/8/2009 Outperform 5Y $42.88 +404.16% +302.42% +101.74 0 Comment
kcaldaba < 20 10/30/2008 Outperform 1Y $43.35 +398.70% +298.20% +100.50 0 Comment
gzcorp < 20 12/6/2006 Underperform 1Y $120.83 +78.92% +175.48% +96.56 0 Comment

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