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National Interstate Corp (NASDAQ:NATL)

CAPS Rating: No stars

The Company operates as an insurance holding company group that underwrites and sells traditional and alternative risk property and casualty insurance products to the passenger transportation industry and trucking industry, general commercial insurance.

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CMFEldrehad (99.95)
Submitted November 29, 2006

Much like my call on PHLY, this pick is as much of a learning exercise for me as it is anything else - as I know very little about this business or industry. That said, here's what I do know:For the period of FY2001 through FY2005, this company grew… More

lovesaves (< 20)
Submitted March 11, 2008

Found this company under the insurance tag. Sell all property insurance and casualty stocks, or see your portfolio bcome a casualty! Warren Buffett is negative on the sector and that's good enough for me. Financial sector s--t has to work iits way… More

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Member Avatar XMFPennyWise (50.88) Submitted: 2/5/2014 12:17:49 PM : Outperform Start Price: $21.80 NASDAQ:NATL Score: -64.86

I placed (NATL) on my CAPS list last week because I smelled a turnaround/takeover given the board issues last year with the founder and shake up adding more board members from majority stockholder American Financial Group (AFG). Now I see today that AFG has made a tender offer for remaining shares at 28 and the stock is up 15%. We'll have to see how this plays out...


Member Avatar brancwp (73.44) Submitted: 12/4/2007 5:45:27 PM : Outperform Start Price: $29.18 NASDAQ:NATL Score: -159.74

I think it will be a mild winter, so transportation insurance should be good!


Member Avatar nau99 (29.02) Submitted: 3/6/2007 5:54:01 PM : Outperform Start Price: $20.15 NASDAQ:NATL Score: -129.82

Wish I would have picked this year over the weekend before the HUGE rebound. Still a buy at these levels (around $25).


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UV2OF (96.16) Score: +254.31

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Member Name Member
Call Time
Score Commentary
UV2OF 96.16 2/20/2009 Underperform 1Y $12.82 +153.68% +407.98% +254.31 0 Comment
ajacoby11 < 20 10/28/2008 Underperform 1Y $14.48 +124.45% +324.89% +200.44 0 Comment
APEsau 32.98 8/21/2008 Underperform 3M $14.82 +119.30% +211.66% +92.36 0 Comment
SuperNova007 99.58 1/17/2007 10/19/2009 Underperform 5Y $16.83 +93.13% +184.48% +91.34 0 Comment
EcoUSA 97.62 1/17/2007 3/2/2011 Underperform 5Y $16.83 +93.13% +184.48% +91.34 0 Comment
XMFPennyWise 50.88 1/28/2014 Outperform 3Y $21.80 +49.13% +114.00% -64.86 1 Comment
tahoejet < 20 8/11/2008 Outperform 1Y $13.86 +134.58% +205.11% -70.53 0 Comment
High123 < 20 5/20/2014 Outperform NS $27.14 +19.80% +102.96% -83.17 0 Comment
XMFRoyal 47.83 5/6/2014 Outperform 5Y $27.23 +19.38% +103.66% -84.27 0 Comment
Cap10caveman < 20 1/18/2007 Outperform 1Y $17.15 +89.56% +183.86% -94.30 0 Comment

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