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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.29) Submitted: 9/5/2012 5:12:39 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.76 NASDAQ OTC:ORYN Score: +319.77

ORYN Kicks off September with Breaking News
Breaking News! Our featured company Oryon Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: ORYN) has announced the appointment of a Veteran Executive responsible for the company’s Global Operations. Today, ORYN announced that Ms. Shaunna Black is joining the ORYN team and will be responsible for Global Operations. Ms. Black is a seasoned veteran that will facilitate international sourcing, implement updated internal production and manufacturing processes, and oversee direct quality control and compliance standards.
Her extensive resume includes:
• Senior VP, Manufacturing for Dongbu Hitek Semiconductor of Seoul, Korea where she was responsible for 1500 employees and $650,000,000USD in revenue.
• VP, Worldwide Facilities at Texas Instruments Inc. where she managed a $600,000,000 real estate portfolio and an annual budget of $400,000,000 while directing a staff of 1500 at facilities across 25 countries.
“We are thrilled to have Ms. Black’s knowledge and expertise of the related industries Oryon is involved in at this time in our company’s growth. With the opportunities ahead for Elastolite in new product categories her leadership skills, insight and experience will enable the company to move forward efficiently and cost-effectively. Elastolite offers an international opportunity in many channels of technology related to electroluminescent (EL) lighting. Ms. Black is an expert at ramp to volume production in the international markets, which is a perfect fit for our business model during this time of explosive growth in wearable technologies and personal lighting systems.”
- Tom Schaeffer, CEO Oryon Technologies Inc.
Members, this news is big! Really, really big! At first glance, it appears as if this news release is just another set of standard hiring news. However, let us look closer at the facts here. Shaunna Black was a VP for two separate companies where she managed over a half a billion dollars in revenue. Why would someone of her credentials be coming on-board a company that currently has a market capitalization of around $25 Million? Most would say she is over-qualified to work for Oryon Technologies Inc. and we would tend to agree. But let’s sit back and look at the facts for a second. Maybe she is not as over qualified for ORYN after all.
It appears that this hire would only make sense if in fact ORYN was working on something big! And we’re not talking about adding a few dollars to the bottom line. We’re talking really, really big! It appears that ORYN is working on something so game-changing that it requires the hire of Shaunna Black to run the company’s Global Operations! That’s right the title is “GLOBAL.” Looking at this closely, it is clear that ORYN has accomplished something that could be a company maker. At this time, we’re not sure what, but, it appears whatever it is requires the expertise of an individual who is clearly better suited working for a Fortune 100 Company.
Members, we truly believe this hiring is more than just a new fresh face for the organization. From the outside looking in, it appears as though ORYN is ramping up for something very substantial that requires the expertise of an experienced VP by the name of Ms. Shaunna Black. We will continue to monitor ORYN in the coming days and if any material events are announced we’ll make sure to inform you as soon as possible. We will be keeping a close watch on ORYN in the days ahead and we encourage all members to do the same. This may be the beginning of a big September for ORYN and we want all of our members to be ready for what could be a very lucrative opportunity. This may be the start of what we have been preaching since before the summer months: The fact that ORYN is capable of dealing with a handful of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Companies due to the pure brilliance of the company’s patented Elastolite technology that could potentially revolutionize the Smart Fabric and Interactive Textile industry for years to come. Only time will tell, but we encourage all members to watch ORYN very closely as September begins. As we have said, this may be the start of something very big for the company and all of its shareholders. For more information on ORYN and to access the complete press release regarding Shaunna Black, select the link below.
Oryon Technologies Engages Veteran Executive for Global Operations Role

The Bedford Team

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