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Polar Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQOTCBB:POLR)

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TMFStockSpam (27.73)
Submitted May 16, 2013

Here is the disclaimer that these cowards dropped into the email in image form, so that their conflicts of interest are better hidden from searches.------------------------IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: TINs stock profile should be viewed as a paid… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.73) Submitted: 5/16/2013 4:23:44 PM : Underperform Start Price: $4.26 NASDAQ OTC:POLR Score: +238.59

Here is the disclaimer that these cowards dropped into the email in image form, so that their conflicts of interest are better hidden from searches.

------------------------IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: TINs stock profile should be viewed as a paid advertisement In order to enhance public
awareness & Polar Petroleum and its securities throi4i the distribution & this report, Commodity United Ltd. paid the publisher, Pond
Research LLC, the stan of $1,150,000. TINs total production budget was applied towards costs associated with creating, printing and
distributing this report. Excess funds remaining after production, if any, will be retained by the publisher as profit. This publication is not,
and shodd not be construed to be, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. This publication, its pitlisher, and its
editor do not purport to provide a complete analysis of any company’s financial positrnn. The publisher and editor are not, and do not
purport to be, broker-dealers or registered investment advisors. Any investment should be nade only after consulting a professional
investment advisor and only after reviewing the financial statements and other pertinent corporate information about the company.
Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of rist Past performance does not guarantee future resdts. This publica
tion is based exclusively on information generally available to the public and does not contain arty material, non—public mformation The
information on which it is based is believed to be reliable Nevertheless, the publisher cannot guarantee the acctwacy or completeness
of the information. This publication contains forward-lookmg statements, ncluding statements regarding expected continual growth of
the featured company and/or industry. The publisher notes that statements contained herein that look forward in time, which include
everything other than historical information, involve risks and uncertainties that may affect the company’s actual results of operations.
Factors that could cause actual results to differ include the size and gowth of the market for the company’s products and services, the
ultimate degree of success in drilling excursions, the company’s ability to ftnd its capital requirements in the near term and long terni,
pricing pressures, etc Hard Asset Report is a trademark of Pond Research LLC All other trademarks used in this pWication are the
property of their respective trademark holders. Pond Research, F-lard Asset Report and Ken Williams are not affiliated, connected, or
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Urgent Buy Signal on Polar Petroleum


---Investors are buying this stock up to $10 per share... with a $20 price target

A three-way 'bidding-war' between Exxon, BP and ConocoPhillips
could soon be brewing, sending POLR shares ballistic...

Just confirmed:
Polar Petroleum (POLR) may have 550 million barrels of recoverable oil
...a stunning $5 BILLION potential value

Polar Petroleum (POLR) may be about to hand us a massive windfall,
like we witnessed on Carrizo Oil (5,500%), Denbury Resources (3,400%)
and Northern Oil (1,100%).

Polar Petroleum (POLR) could
blow-the-doors off all three of these stocks...

Astute investors are buying shares in Polar Petroleum now for near-term
gains of up to 1,800%... (see below for details)

Read report / See video here

***** From the Desk of Ken Williams of the Hard Asset Report *****

Dear Subscriber,

In the subject line of the email you just opened, I promised to tell you about a tiny oil stock which could hand you 1,800% gains in the near term. Here is the company which I'm urging my readers to acquire shares in NOW...

Polar Petroleum (POLR)

If you haven't already placed your buy order, I suggest you consider doing so immediately. Government sources have confirmed that major legislation has just been approved by the Governor of Alaska which could send shares of Polar Petroleum into overdrive and make you a fortune if you position yourself right now (more details on the Governor's announcement here).

Plus, it's come to my attention that Polar Petroleum (POLR) is now completely surrounded by the world's biggest oil companies including THREE supermajors --- ConocoPhillips, Exxon and BP. Polar Petroleum could become the target of a 'three-way bidding war' which could erupt any day, handing us massive gains.

Governor Parnell has just rammed through legislation which could send shares in Polar Petroleum (POLR) through the roof...

Polar Petroleum (POLR) could be sitting on a stunning oil resource of 550 million barrels of oil...

But listen. The Governor's high-impact legislation and a potential 'supermajor bidding-war' are just two reasons I expect to see shares in Polar Petroleum (POLR) rapidly soaring higher...

The fact is, there are several more reasons why POLR shares could blast through 1,800% and then go on to hand us even bigger gains...

Read report / See video here

Listen, Polar Petroleum has the key features I look for in a winning junior oil stock:


Huge potential recoverable oil resource with multi-billion dollar upside


Assets in an area-play oil zone with mammoth, multi-zone potential


Drill-ready oil project with high-impact upside


Underlying oil price in a major uptrend

And yet the fact is, Wall Street hasn't even heard of Polar Petroleum (POLR) --- at least not yet. My subscribers stand to make stunning gains when the 'herd' discovers this amazing stock.

So let me summarize:


Polar Petroleum (POLR) has an advanced oil project in the heart of Alaska's 'mega-production zone' --- the prolific 16 billion barrel North Slope...


It's surrounded by three of the world's supermajors who've locked-up the neighboring multi-billion barrel supergiant Prudhoe Bay oil deposit and are desperate for more reserves...


There's a "political kicker" which could ignite a "new Alaskan oil rush..."


It's in the midst of an emerging oil play which could contain up to an additional 2 billion barrels of oil...


The entire region is now confirmed to have massive shale oil potential which could soon send Alaskan oil production through-the-roof...


And geologists now confirm that Polar Petroleum could have 550 million recoverable barrels...

The fact is, Polar Petroleum has everything we could hope for in terms of:


near-term profit potential...


long-term massive growth prospects...


enormous regional upside...


multiple technology factors...


multi-zone oil potential...


and several majors each of whom could send the stock skyrocketing in a bidding-war for Polar's assets...

The world's top oil companies have acquired the land surrounding Polar Petroleum's Alaskan oil project. Exxon, BP and ConocoPhillips know there are massive quantities of oil throughout the entire region. Polar Petroleum (POLR) could be sitting on 550 million recoverable barrels. On that basis alone, the share price could easily blast through $20 per share...

Polar Petroleum has quietly amassed an impressive oil project encompassing some of the most valuable oil prospects in the North Slope region of Alaska. With a series of exciting multi-zone oil prospects and participation in the hottest oil region in the hemisphere, Polar Petroleum could be entering an accelerated period of hypergrowth.

Read report / See video here

Translation: Polar Petroleum's share price could easily go "supernova"...

All knowledgeable investors must own a piece of this oil bonanza immediately.

In my two-decades as a geologist and market professional, I've rarely seen a junior oil company with this much near term profit potential.

Yet the fact is, at its current share price, the market capitalization of Polar Petroleum is relatively puny. And exciting news could soon be coming out. All major indicators point to the company being valued at a higher multiple in the near-term.

At that point, Polar Petroleum will be climbing the ladder of oil-industry leaders and successful investors will be in the enviable position of deciding what to do with their profits.

Investors in Polar Petroleum have been handed a chance to multiply their money several times over...

If you want to maximize your chances of making huge profits immediately, buy this stock now.

Polar Petroleum could be a home-run...

The markets are --- temporarily --- unaware of the enormous value that could be waiting to explode in Polar Petroleum's share price. This is the consummate buying opportunity, albeit one that won't last long.

Buy Polar Petroleum (POLR) now before a stampede of investors begins rushing into a rising market for this stock.

The slingshot could be released at any moment... pick up shares in Polar Petroleum before it's too late...

The fact is, you need to buy shares... if you haven't already done so. This will likely be your last chance to buy Polar Petroleum at its current low levels before it soars much, much higher.

If you are an astute investor who likes to buy stocks before the herd, I suggest you purchase the stock now... before it skyrockets and gets completely out of reach.

If you are a new investor to oil stocks, you probably missed out on all the other winners. While other investors were loading up on big-gainers like Denbury, Carrizo, and No


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