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$45.03 -$1.06 (-2.3%)

04:00 PM EDT on 09/20/21

Progress Software Corp Com (NASDAQ:PRGS)

CAPS Rating: No stars

Develops, markets and distributes application infrastructure software to simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications software.

Current Price $45.03 Mkt Cap $2.0B
Open $45.35 P/E Ratio 26.97
Prev. Close $45.03 Div. (Yield) $0.70 (1.5%)
Daily Range $44.30 - $45.70 Volume 172,611
52-Wk Range $34.40 - $49.23 Avg. Daily Vol. 272,812


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EnigmaDude (59.09)
Submitted March 25, 2021

Adding after a strong quarterly report and price has dropped over the past month to low 40s

greenwave3 (96.01)
Submitted June 12, 2009

Profitability and revenue are growing way too slow to support this multiple.

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Member Avatar EnigmaDude (59.09) Submitted: 3/25/2021 4:19:24 PM : Outperform Start Price: $41.56 NASDAQ:PRGS Score: -2.70

Adding after a strong quarterly report and price has dropped over the past month to low 40s


Member Avatar mdriver78 (75.34) Submitted: 10/1/2020 3:08:16 PM : Outperform Start Price: $36.60 NASDAQ:PRGS Score: -6.09

Progress Software Corp. (PRGS) helps businesses create their own software applications.

We’re talking about things like developing software that allows customers to access data from anywhere (essentially a cloud-based offering)… software to help other customers with decision automation (another fancy term for artificial intelligence)… systems that keep industrial internet of things (IoT) devices online… and more.

Put as simply as possible, PRGS shows clients how to take advantage of all the new tech opportunities that have become available in the last few years.

And it’s proven itself very good at it.

PRGS serves more than 14,000 corporate customers — including major names like Citibank, AT&T, Coca-Cola and Toyota!

If PRGS has the expertise to help these big companies figure out how to implement tech opportunities, it's no wonder that smaller businesses are eager to sign up with PRGS, too.

And as PRGS reaches out to new customers, its earnings are expected to grow tremendously.

Over the past 12 months, PRGS has generated profits of $1.03 per share.

That's pretty impressive, considering that many of PRGS’ high-tech competitors have yet to even project profits in the foreseeable future.

But it gets even better!

Wall Street analysts are expecting PRGS to boost profits by 219% next year to $3.29 per share!

It’s the kind of profit growth that naturally catches investors’ attention.

Of course, it's also the kind of growth that can lead to a lucrative buyout offer!

Zeroing in on a Buyout for Progress Software

A big enterprise company like Microsoft (MSFT) or Oracle (ORCL) certainly has an incentive to buy out PRGS.

For one thing, it would let them market and sell their own products and services to PRGS’ existing customers.

At the same time, it could rebrand the services that PRGS offers and sell them to their own customers.

It's a perfect example of a synergistic marriage, where the combined company would be even stronger than the two companies operating on their own.

And since PRGS is currently valued at less than $2 billion, a buyout would be very affordable for any large company.

Based on that there ia picked up in activity in the options market, indicating that something exciting is happening behind the scenes at PRGS.


Member Avatar SCOTTRHUETTLCPA (40.27) Submitted: 9/26/2014 2:03:17 PM : Outperform Start Price: $22.12 NASDAQ:PRGS Score: -16.02

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greenwave3 (96.01) Score: +152.04

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greenwave3 96.01 6/15/2009 Underperform 1Y $14.31 +214.77% +366.81% +152.04 2 Comments
WF2005 < 20 10/7/2011 Underperform 5Y $18.60 +142.07% +270.47% +128.40 1 Comment
PaxtorReborn 27.61 10/27/2009 Underperform 5Y $14.77 +204.89% +305.34% +100.45 0 Comment
GoldDontGlitter 68.79 12/7/2009 Underperform 5Y $15.18 +196.69% +291.38% +94.69 0 Comment
BuyTheDip 25.51 10/5/2009 Underperform 3W $13.74 +227.66% +321.85% +94.19 0 Comment
TMFMELVINTUCKER < 20 4/24/2006 Underperform 3W $17.19 +162.01% +254.48% +92.47 0 Comment
bigbearbertha 41.65 10/19/2009 Underperform 5Y $14.83 +203.62% +295.18% +91.55 0 Comment
HeatVision 60.58 12/12/2007 Underperform 3M $20.51 +119.59% +202.81% +83.21 0 Comment
kclee1st 97.85 1/19/2021 Underperform 5Y $43.87 +2.65% +14.73% +12.08 0 Comment
EnigmaDude 59.09 3/26/2021 Outperform 5Y $41.56 +8.34% +11.04% -2.70 1 Comment

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