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04:00 PM EDT on 09/29/23

Portillo's Inc. (NASDAQ:PTLO)

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Portillo's Inc., through with its subsidiaries, engages in the ownership and operation of fast casual and quick service restaurants in the United States. The company offers Chicago-style hot dogs and sausages, Italian beef sandwiches, chopped salads, burgers, crinkle-cut French fries, homemade chocolate cake, and milkshakes.

Current Price $15.39 Mkt Cap $1.1B
Open $15.44 P/E Ratio 68.43
Prev. Close $15.39 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $15.30 - $15.58 Volume 634,488
52-Wk Range $15.06 - $25.88 Avg. Daily Vol. 621,318


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Member Avatar HarryCaraysGhost (67.37) Submitted: 12/26/2021 9:40:53 PM : Outperform Start Price: $38.40 NASDAQ:PTLO Score: -50.49

"In 1963, Dick Portillo invested $1,100 into a small trailer to open the first Portillo's hot dog stand in Villa Park, IL, which he called "The Dog House." Years later, Portillo's has become a brand synonymous with Chicago. People say it's not a real trip to Chicago unless you eat at Portillo's. Fortunately, die-hard fans and first-timers alike have their choice of Portillo's restaurants, as we've beefed up to more than 60 locations across several states." I personally endorse the beef dipped with a side of fries, chopped salad and a burger for Dutchie Caray. Two chocolate shakes to wash it down with and since your there get some of the chocolate cake for later. So Effinng good....


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TMFLifeIsGood 70.24 5/4/2022 Outperform 5Y $17.97 -14.36% +2.19% -16.55 0 Comment
This player feels very strongly about this pick and has marked it a Top Pick. Top Picks do not affect a player’s score. JTChief82 < 20 12/19/2022 Outperform 5Y $18.23 -15.61% +11.48% -27.08 0 Comment
Itsnottoolate < 20 5/23/2022 Outperform 5Y $18.86 -18.43% +8.82% -27.25 0 Comment
icanpickm 98.54 7/14/2022 Outperform 5Y $19.05 -19.24% +14.42% -33.66 0 Comment
Indavos < 20 1/28/2022 Outperform 5Y $24.38 -36.89% -1.20% -35.69 0 Comment
Coyote4joe < 20 1/14/2022 Outperform 5Y $29.68 -48.16% -7.83% -40.33 0 Comment
HarryCaraysGhost 67.37 12/27/2021 Outperform 5Y $38.40 -59.93% -9.44% -50.49 1 Comment

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