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Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:PZZ)

CAPS Rating: No stars

A health care management services organization that develops integrated delivery systems, and provides medical management systems and services to affiliated medical organizations.

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Member Avatar kayceygirl (< 20) Submitted: 8/14/2010 1:37:00 AM : Outperform Start Price: $8.41 NASDAQ:PZZ Score: -237.13

This is one of my STARZ.
Here is the thought process on this STAR:
a) Divided rate over Zero
b) 3 Year Beta between -5 & +3
c) 15% + Insider ownership
d) No greater than -50% Growth rate for the last 3 years (tough last couple of years so good that insiders are still owning the stocks)
e) Current CAPS rating between 3 Stars & 5 Stars
Open to all Industries and Sectors screened this down to just 250 stocks. I like round numbers. 12 of them I already own through other screening tools. I tend to be somewhat conservative but looking for 3 things at this point in my investing:
1. Stability & Strength
2. Yield and Modest Growth
3. Strong Position within a sector regardless of whether the
entire sector is strong or not. Each sector has to perform to some degree for the whole world economy to function. I am looking for 5 or more years down the road, ROI, and Growth. Not looking for rockets, just stars. This is a Star!!


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cdbreez2 (39.16) Score: +46.74

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Member Name Member
Call Time
Score Commentary
DMBonedust 67.42 3/16/2010 Outperform 5Y $6.09 +39.41% +214.02% -174.61 0 Comment
Shlam121 28.80 4/19/2010 Outperform 3Y $6.89 +23.31% +205.58% -182.27 0 Comment
SchwabingUp 49.12 2/26/2010 Outperform 5Y $6.35 +33.70% +228.31% -194.61 0 Comment
zimmerr 95.30 7/19/2010 Outperform 5Y $6.03 +40.80% +240.04% -199.24 0 Comment
ispariti 64.46 7/21/2010 Outperform 3W $6.57 +29.22% +236.26% -207.04 0 Comment
MostlyGrumpy < 20 10/21/2010 Outperform 5Y $8.45 +0.47% +209.27% -208.80 0 Comment
yoyotojo < 20 8/17/2010 Outperform 5Y $8.48 +0.12% +233.06% -232.94 0 Comment
kayceygirl < 20 8/16/2010 Outperform 5Y $8.41 +0.95% +238.08% -237.13 1 Comment
adambeef < 20 8/20/2010 Outperform 5Y $8.48 +0.12% +238.11% -237.99 0 Comment

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