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Rightscorp, Inc. (NASDAQOTCBB:RIHT)

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TMFStockSpam (27.62)
Submitted March 18, 2014

Rightscorp Reports Record Breaking Revenues for First Quarter 2014Members,Our featured company RIHT has announced first quarter revenues for 2014 and the news is astonishing! RIHT has seen an increase of 256 percent over the same period in 2013. The… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.62) Submitted: 3/18/2014 9:46:37 AM : Underperform Start Price: $0.80 NASDAQ OTC:RIHT Score: +216.03

Rightscorp Reports Record Breaking Revenues for First Quarter 2014
Our featured company RIHT has announced first quarter revenues for 2014 and the news is astonishing! RIHT has seen an increase of 256 percent over the same period in 2013. The company has now delivered its 9th quarter of consecutive revenue increases! This is fantastic news for all shareholders!
RIHT Increases Q1 Revenue by 256 Percent!
Rightscorp (RIHT), the leading provider of monetization services for artists and holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property, today announced that revenue for the first quarter 2014 ending March 31, 2014 grew 256 percent to 188,215 dollars from 52,835 dollars in the first quarter of 2013. Sequentially, revenues increased 21 percent from 155,381 dollars in the fourth quarter of 2013!
Read today’s full press release regarding Q1 revenues by selecting here
"I'm very pleased with our performance during the quarter… Our team continues to execute on all our growth drivers. We expanded the number of active copyrights in our system that we can collect on from 40,000 at year-end 2013 to roughly 80,000. We are gaining acceptance from ISPs as they recognize the huge amount of bandwidth consumed by illegal downloading. To date, we have closed more than 65,000 cases of copyright infringement and we expect our operating metrics to grow on all levels moving forward." - Christopher Sabec, CEO of Rightscorp
This news follows Tuesdays letter to shareholders. Key developments and highlights of the letter include:
• Rightscorp now represents award-winning films, top 10 TV shows, a bestselling author, and more than a dozen songs on the Billboard Hot 100
• Successfully closed more than 65,000 cases of copyright infringement
• 9th quarter of consecutive double-digit revenue growth;
• Tripled revenues from 95,565 dollars in 2012 to 324,000 dollars at the end of 2013
• Expanded global reach into Canada, a country with reported high levels of copyright infringement
• Filed patents in Europe, China, Israel, Japan, Brazil, and India;
• Recently increased ingestion rate by 400 percent.
"In our Letter to Shareholders, we outlined our recent achievements regarding updates in our copyrights, ISP participation, ingestion rates, and cases closed. We feel our shareholders will appreciate the progress we are making as we continue to push forward to become the worldwide solution to the multi-billion dollar dilemma of online piracy." – Christopher Sabec , CEO of Rightscorp.
Read the Letter to Shareholders in full – Select Here
About Rightscorp, Inc.
Rightscorp (RIHT) is a leading provider of monetization services for artists and holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP). The Company's patent pending digital loss prevention technology focuses on the infringement of digital content such as music, movies, software, and games and ensures that owners and creators are rightfully paid for their IP. Rightscorp implements existing laws to solve copyright infringements by collecting payments from illegal file sharing activities via notifications sent through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The Company's technology identifies copyright infringers, who are offered a reasonable settlement option when compared to the legal liability defined in the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA). Based on the fact that 22 percent of all Internet traffic is used to distribute copyrighted content without permission or compensation to the creators, Rightscorp is pursuing an estimated 2.3 billion dollar opportunity and has monetized major media titles through relationships with industry leaders.
Members, now is the time to research RIHT if you have not done so already. The company continues to grow at an alarming rate in an untapped market. At its current trading price, shareholders have huge potential for future growth. Research RIHT now to learn about what could potentially be the hottest tech opportunity of your lifetime!

The Bedford Team
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Providence has been compensated $25,000 by Priority Partners Ltd (hereafter “Priority”) for a one month advertising contract to build investor awareness for Rightscorp, Inc (OTCQB: RIHT) starting March 7, 2014. Providence will disclose any future compensation if such compensation occurs.
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Rightscorp's Proprietary Technology Provides Key Solution for Peer-to Peer Copyright Infringement
Thirty Patents Pending Nationally and Internationally Secure the Company's Leadership Position
Dear Members,

Rightscorp (RIHT), the leading provider of monetization services for artists and holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property, has announced it currently has thirty patents pending worldwide to identify, monitor and monetize against peer-to-peer copyright infringement. Rightscorp's proprietary patent-pending software protects copyright owners from digital loss and illegal downloads through the unauthorized online distribution of content such as music, movies, books, software, and games. Shareholders and investors could potentially see a strong trend in share price as RIHT continues its financial growth while solidifying its patent pending technology!
The patents pending are entitled as the following:
"We believe we offer the best viable solution on the market and have 30 patents pending to protect our innovative technology," said Christopher Sabec, CEO of Rightscorp. "We will continue to lead the way in protecting their assets."
The Company represents more than 1.5 million copyrights and has partnered with major motion picture studios, numerous platinum recording artists, songwriters, Academy Award-winning films, and top TV shows. Rightscorp has already received settlements from subscribers of more than 140 ISPs and closed over 100,000 cases of copyright infringement to date resulting in a strong foundation for its shareholders and potential investors.
CNN Money Reports – RIHT has 30 Patents Pending Nationally and Internationally to Secure the Companies Leadership Position – Read More
RIHT Second Quarter 2014 Financial Highlights:
377 percent increase in revenues to 251,481 dollars for the second quarter ended June 30, 2014, from 52,670 dollars for the same period in 2013
34 percent sequential increase in revenues from 188,215 dollars in the first quarter of 2014;
332 percent increase in revenues to 440,414 dollars for the six months ended June 30, 2014 from 101,926 dollars for the same period of 2013.
Revenues for first six months 2014 have already exceeded full year 2013;
Balance sheet improvements include a material increase in cash and cash equivalents of 767,581 dollars on June 31, 2014 from 36,331 dollars on December 31, 2013. The increases in cash and other fixed assets resulted in growth of total assets of 876,292 dollars on June 31, 2014 from 146,223 dollars on December 31, 2013.
RIHT Second Quarter 2014 Operational Highlights:
Authorized copyright catalog increased to over 1.5 million, including many award-winning films, a best-selling author, and up to 16 songs on a recent Billboard Hot 100;
Participation from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) increased by over 100 percent, where the Company reported receiving payments estimated 15 percent of homes in the U.S.;
Closed more than 75,000 cases of copyright infringements as of June 30, 2014; and
Expanded representation into the film and video market, secured representation agreements with Rotten Records and The Royalty Network, and pursued mature discussions with other companies
"Our model is proving to be very successful for our Company and clients. We are increasing inte


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