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Pharmaroth Labs, Inc. (NASDAQOTCBB:ROTH)

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The Company is focused on creating a Web portal to serve as an information provider for anyone worldwide who is looking to buy, sell or lease anything to do with the exploration and/or production of oil and gas.

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TMFStockSpam (27.51)
Submitted December 16, 2009

This stock spam was sent to TMFBrich:--------- Forwarded message ----------From: pamela hortonDate: Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 3:38 AMSubject: 1S6 STOCK ROCKET NEWSLETTER 4IMarket Alert! When an entire sector - or the broad market as a whole - decides to… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.51) Submitted: 12/16/2009 2:20:56 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.50 NASDAQ OTC:ROTH Score: +411.57

This stock spam was sent to TMFBrich:
--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: pamela horton
Date: Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 3:38 AM

Market Alert! When an entire sector - or the broad market as a whole - decides to take a dip, that's when we like to go on a buying spree and as investors of the biotech/small pharma sector well know, it's been a rough few weeks. Savvy investors realize, according to Yahoo Finance's stock screener, 221 of 294 stocks which are up 200 percent or more in the past 12 months have market capitalizations of less than $100 million. About two-thirds of the rest of these high-flyers have market caps of $100 million-500 million. So lets go stock picking.

One micro cap biotech, whose market cap is about to double, is ; Fero Industries, Inc. (OTCBB: FROI - News), the company recently disclose its growth strategy. FROI’s first acquisition target is Pyro Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a boutique developmental stage pharmaceutical company located in Irvine, CA. Pyro’s focus is on developing a new class of antibiotics to fight drug resistant bacteria, such as life-threatening MRSA. Today, infectious diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide and the third leading cause of death in the United States after cancer and heart disease and exceeding the totals deaths from AIDS. Pyro’s mission is clear and concise. The Company’s goal is to develop a new class of antibiotics to supplant the dwindling antibiotic arsenal.

When we go stock picking, we are in it to win it, and win big. Management is always the most important concern when picking the next 10 bagger stock. Pyro’s management and board members have extensive public company experience and have successfully orchestrated acquisitions and joint ventures with several large, publicly traded medical device and biotechnology companies worth well over $350 million. Deals include Perlegen Sciences, Inc., Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp. sold to Roche, and Cadus Pharmaceutical Corp. whose operations were sold to OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pyro has also attracted impressive Scientific Advisory Board Members from industry giants such as: Merck, Glaxo, Vertex, Chiron, Abbott, Bristol Myers Squibb, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, and Hoechst Marion Roussel. Need we say more? This stock is a screaming BUY!


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TMFStockSpam (27.51) Score: +411.57

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TMFStockSpam 27.51 12/15/2009 Underperform NS $0.50 -100.00% +311.57% +411.57 1 Comment

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