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08:00 PM EST on 02/14/20

ScanSource, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCSC)

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The Company is a wholesale distributor of technology products, providing value-added distribution sales to resellers in the technology markets.

Current Price $31.93 Mkt Cap $809.3M
Open $0.00 P/E Ratio 17.65
Prev. Close $31.93 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $0.00 - $0.00 Volume 158,007
52-Wk Range $29.35 - $37.42 Avg. Daily Vol. 112,511


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pswpsw (88.34)
Submitted April 22, 2008

This mid-size corp. has performed well over the last five years and will continue to outperform the S&P 500 over the next four. They are in a niche marked of bar code and RF readers and recently added an on line sales tool to their products.

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Member Avatar jack21222 (90.59) Submitted: 1/20/2016 11:33:55 AM : Outperform Start Price: $27.87 NASDAQ:SCSC Score: -69.80

I don't understand what's happening to this stock. They increased earnings guidance above what analysts were expecting, and the price dropped. An analyst changes it to a buy rating, and the price dropped further.

They're making good money, have a nice looking balance sheet, are growing year over year, and yet the PE ratio is around 13 and the P/B is under 1.

They would be making even more money if it wasn't for the strength of the dollar at the moment. In local currencies, they're increasing their businesses even faster than what shows on the books.

You're going to be looking at around $2.70 earnings per share, and this should at least be at a 15 PE ratio. There's no reason for this to be less than a $40 stock, let alone under $30 where it currently is.

I understand it doesn't make sense to try to catch a falling knife, but there's no reason this knife should be falling in the first place.


Member Avatar Junkyardhawg1985 (37.55) Submitted: 7/30/2015 10:09:48 AM : Outperform Start Price: $36.51 NASDAQ:SCSC Score: -73.31

ScanSource (SCSC) at $36.62 trades at a low EV/Rev ratio of 0.31, a P/E below the market average and net cash on their balance sheet.


Member Avatar kymintjulep (< 20) Submitted: 7/8/2011 10:18:18 PM : Underperform Start Price: $38.33 NASDAQ:SCSC Score: +171.01

In the electronics business, customers are conditioned to expect costs to go down. As a result, margins are under constant pressure for ScanSource and they aren't in the driver's seat when it comes to controlling margins. They're a disciplined company with strong management which can mitigate these pressures...up to a point.


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Elwavinator 20.96 12/29/2009 Underperform 1Y $26.67 +19.72% +199.41% +179.69 0 Comment
kymintjulep < 20 7/11/2011 Underperform 5Y $38.33 -16.70% +154.31% +171.01 1 Comment
SHARKLY9 < 20 4/7/2008 Underperform 1Y $29.58 +7.94% +154.69% +146.75 0 Comment
bart2003umd < 20 10/29/2007 Underperform 3M $37.31 -14.42% +129.79% +144.21 0 Comment
clangmead 43.46 2/7/2020 Outperform 5Y $30.98 +3.08% +1.42% +1.67 0 Comment
KingMinusTouch < 20 8/1/2017 Outperform 5Y $40.05 -20.27% +36.43% -56.70 0 Comment
LowPrice < 20 11/14/2016 Outperform 5Y $36.30 -12.04% +56.07% -68.10 0 Comment
jack21222 90.59 1/20/2016 Outperform 5Y $27.87 +14.57% +84.37% -69.80 1 Comment
Junkyardhawg1985 37.55 7/30/2015 Outperform 5Y $36.51 -12.54% +60.76% -73.31 1 Comment
All5Stars < 20 9/11/2014 Outperform 5Y $38.57 -17.22% +68.77% -85.98 0 Comment

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