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01:29 PM EST on 02/21/24

Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE:SHEL)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

Shell plc operates as an energy and petrochemical company worldwide. The company operates through Integrated Gas, Upstream, Oil Products, Chemicals segments. It explores for and extracts crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids; markets and transports oil and gas; produces gas-to-liquids fuels and other products; and operates upstream and midstream infrastructure necessary to deliver gas to market.

Current Price $64.20 Mkt Cap $205.2B
Open $63.76 P/E Ratio 11.17
Prev. Close $63.62 Div. (Yield) $2.59 (4.1%)
Daily Range $63.60 - $64.26 Volume 4,670,727
52-Wk Range $52.47 - $68.74 Avg. Daily Vol. 5,266,286


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FVelociraptor (92.71)
Submitted February 04, 2022

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Member Avatar valunvesthere (95.39) Submitted: 12/29/2023 3:31:27 AM : Outperform Start Price: $65.37 NYSE:SHEL Score: -5.66

Whether we call it a filling station, fuel station, petro station, gas station, etc. Canada being a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and shares the North America continent with 22 sovereign countries it's not uncommon to be asked where is the nearest ***** station? depending on where they're from. For this comment I'll be using the North America variant noun gas station. The internal combustion engine isn't going away in the near foreseeable future and it will never become obsolete. For these reasons gas stations operations will continue indefinitely. The internal combustion engine powered vehicles has been around for over 130 years and counting, which is safe to say gas stations has been around during that time or nearly as much of that time and continually counting. According to New York Times on March 10,2021 titled Electric Cars Are Coming. How Long Until They Rule the Road? the broad majority of vehicles were powered by internal combustion engines and less than 1% was electric powered, that's about for every 100 internal combustion engine vehicles there is 1 electric vehicle. New York Times also states automakers are shifting to electric vehicles which analysts anticipate by 2035 electric vehicles may compose of 25% of new cars, but believes 13% of all vehicles driven will be electric vehicle. With this projection this gives longevity to the petroleum industry and especially gas stations for more decades to come or indefinitely.

Now, about the internal combustion engine vehicle its a proven technology in reliability and durability with over 130 years and counting of innovations and improvements. The cost is a lot lower because its fully developed in economy of scale. Around the world a fully developed network infrastructure of gas stations for refueling. The electric vehicle present revolution is about 25 years with the launch of the 2008 Tesla Roadster during the Obama era the Obama administration pushed automakers to shift to electric vehicles which automakers rushed to get their electric vehicles to the public. Due to the infancy and the rush to launch electric vehicles when at the time almost all automakers were unprepared for the shift and the public is in no rush to switch to electric vehicles. Consumers are cautious about reliability and durability, the cost is way too much that consumers are willing to pay as the consequence of manufacturing not at the economy of scale stage yet, there's barely a convenient network of public charging station infrastructure in the developed world, etc.

Some honest truth that environmentalists and public should know is that its true that electric vehicles produce zero emissions, but the electricity that is stored in the battery is either produced by these types of power station (also called power plant, generating station, or generating plant) starting with most common fossil fuels (coal fired, natural gas fired, or oil-fired), hydro power or nuclear power. In America there's a 60% chance the electricity was produced using fossil fuel power plants that emits emissions, 18% chance nuclear power plants emitting low emissions with radioactive hazards, 6% is hydroelectric which reduces land mass, displaces humans and animals, alters land and water habitat by flooding surrounding area, etc. Due to the access to rivers hydro electric is the least common, utilizing the flow of water or combination of flow of water with gravity to turn turbines to generate electricity, the majority of power plants are steam turbine which requires fossil fuels most commonly coal fired natural gas fired or oil-fired to create pressurized steam to turn the turbines to generate electricity. Nuclear power follows at a distant second utilizing nuclear fission to create pressurized steam to turn the turbine to generate electricity. We now know that producing electricity emits emissions, pollutes the air, creates radioactive hazards, displaces humans and animals, alters water and land environments, etc.

I don't believe we'll ever have zero emissions emitting internal combustion engine vehicles on the road because the world with many countries in various stages of development are having problems keeping up with their own electricity needs. At present the developed countries with its aging power plants and developing countries with very limited modern power plants are producing electricity at maximum capacity. The world needs to build more electricity generating power plants to meet the needs for the ambitious shift to electric from internal combustion engines. If the world goes this route the world needs to build more power plants to meet its current electricity needs and accommodate the shift to electric cars. The most cost effective, highest electricity yielding, low cost maintenance and reliable are fossil fueled fired steam turbine electricity generating plants. It's highly likely the world will be building new steam turbine electricity generating preferably the coal variety of fossil fuel because of its inexpensive, abundance supply, and readily steady supply as demand grows. Renewable resources such as wind or solar is the most expensive due to it's a new technology which requires high maintenance and the most inefficient in producing electricity because of weather permitting.

Finally, internal combustion engine vehicle owners can now feel less guilty about harming the environment knowing that producing electricity for electric vehicles is contributing the harm as well by emitting emissions, creating radioactive hazards, displacing humans and animals, altering land areas, etc. The logical choice is that instead of straining the electrical grid, build more coal fired power plants we should balance the options available now by keeping the appropriate proportion of internal combustion vehicles and electric vehicles on the road. Continue using natural gas or oil for heating or cooling and coal to produce electricity for powering buildings. We should find solutions to pollution problems rather than protest, penalize, and prohibit the options we have.

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Member Avatar FVelociraptor (92.71) Submitted: 2/4/2022 3:44:38 PM : Outperform Start Price: $50.67 NYSE:SHEL Score: +16.83


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MajorFool20 24.90 10/11/2022 Underperform 5Y $47.93 +34.03% +37.08% +3.06 0 Comment
TMFReubenGBrewer < 20 5/5/2022 Outperform 5Y $52.29 +22.86% +19.93% +2.93 0 Comment
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