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Seven & I Holdings (NASDAQOTCBB:SVNDY)

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Wakanda (98.97)
Submitted February 18, 2013

Seven & I Holdings is the owner of 7-Eleven and other retail stores. The company has somehow quietly become one of the world’s largest retailers with more worldwide store locations than any other retailer. I say “somehow quietly” because no one in… More

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Member Avatar mendozarr (< 20) Submitted: 2/19/2021 4:53:52 PM : Outperform Start Price: $19.82 NASDAQ OTC:SVNDY Score: -0.72

1) Electric Vehicles: With 9,046 stores, 7/11 has the most convenience stores in the US accounting for 5.9% of total convenience stores nation-wide. 7&i holdings, parent company of 7/11, recently acquired Speedway, which is the 3rd largest convenience store chain and the largest gas station chain in the US. This acquisition is the most recent step in a 15 year track record of rolling up the fragmented US convenience store & gas station market. They have been investing in remodeling gas stations to service EV's by equipping them with solar panels, batteries and chargers.

2) Fresh Food & Proprietary Beverages: The brand we know as 7/11 is owned by a Japanese company called 7&i Holdings. 7/11 is the #1 convenience store in Japan and are well-known for their remarkably high-quality selection of fresh food and fantastic in-store experience. They have recently begun the process of revamping their US stores with the goal of expanding their fresh-food and proprietary beverage selection.

3) Food Delivery: 7NOW, 7/11's delivery app, saw a 6x increase in monthly sales over the course of 2020 (granted this is off of a small base). Only 960 stores out of their 12,946 convenience stores in the US (including Speedway) have this delivery service enabled today.

4) Digital Payments: 7-Eleven Wallet embedded within the 7/11 App enables contactless payment at 7/11 stores and lets customers earn rewards points. This could be 7&i's foothold in the Financial Services sector in the US. If that sounds farfetched, consider the list of Financial Services that 7&i subsidiaries already have in operation.

5) Valuation: With a P/S at 0.6, **$SVNDF** has a pretty good margin of safety.

- Revenue growth has been stagnant.
- Execution risk is high.
- Volatility in gas prices.


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mendozarr < 20 2/22/2021 Outperform 5Y $19.82 +8.14% +8.87% -0.72 1 Comment
Opaspicks 28.83 10/2/2015 Outperform 3Y $22.88 -6.32% +119.86% -126.18 0 Comment

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