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The Company offers a range of first quality, in-season merchandise bearing nationally recognized designer and brand-name labels in men's, women's and children's apparel.

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pugnaciously (82.36)
Submitted November 14, 2011

Several months or however long it takes to crash on de-listing and bankruptcy.

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Member Avatar pugnaciously (82.36) Submitted: 11/14/2011 12:24:43 PM : Underperform Start Price: $7.90 NASDAQ OTC:SYMSQ Score: +257.82

Several months or however long it takes to crash on de-listing and bankruptcy.


Member Avatar NetscribeRetail (91.12) Submitted: 3/28/2007 2:10:08 AM : Underperform Start Price: $18.97 NASDAQ OTC:SYMSQ Score: +262.73

Syms Corporation operates a chain of 36 off-price retail apparel stores in the United States. Its stores primarily sell men's tailored clothing, women’s dresses, suits, and separates; children's apparel; and men's, women's, and children's shoes. The company’s stores also offer luggage, domestics, and fragrances.

The off price retail market in the United States is very competitive and Syms Corporation is currently in a race with big players like Ross Store and TJX which have a much higher store base. The year to date fiscal 2006 performance of the company also does not excite from an investment point of view as revenues declined by almost 1 % which is attributed to a closure of one store from New York. Albeit, bottom lines have rose significantly, the primary reason has been the one time gain from the sale of the real estate in the first quarter. Comparable store sales, one of the key indicators to gauge the performance has also declined marginally.

Also, the company has not been able to expand its chain, as not a single new store has been opened for the period ended November 2006.Looking ahead, the company has no major initiatives lined up that could take their business to new heights. Hence, the scrip does not look a rewarding investment in the near future.


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erikthered516 (76.51) Score: +407.48

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erikthered516 76.51 4/3/2009 Underperform 3Y $6.96 -50.29% +357.19% +407.48 0 Comment
harrytong 69.49 10/21/2008 Underperform 5Y $9.91 -65.09% +299.58% +364.67 0 Comment
hawkutah2 58.22 10/14/2008 Underperform 3M $12.42 -72.14% +270.15% +342.30 0 Comment
NetscribeRetail 91.12 3/28/2007 Underperform 1Y $18.97 -81.76% +180.97% +262.73 1 Comment
Gmoney1979 < 20 11/8/2011 Underperform 5Y $9.24 -62.55% +197.64% +260.20 0 Comment
studpicker 27.93 2/20/2008 Underperform NS $10.53 -67.14% +191.32% +258.46 0 Comment
pugnaciously 82.36 11/14/2011 Underperform 3M $7.90 -56.20% +201.61% +257.82 1 Comment
JellyRollCapital < 20 5/29/2007 Underperform 1Y $19.91 -82.62% +162.86% +245.48 0 Comment
fllwthldr 29.75 7/25/2007 Outperform 5Y $16.50 -79.03% +161.60% -240.63 0 Comment
SenorBendito < 20 1/24/2011 Outperform 5Y $6.65 -47.97% +194.03% -242.00 0 Comment

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