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Synacor Inc Com (NASDAQ:SYNC)

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Current Price $1.47 Mkt Cap $58.6M
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vanamonde (99.89)
Submitted May 08, 2012

Just to be clear, I think this stock is overvalued at these levels, but having seen my BVSN red thumb at $17 go to $50 and back, I think NIA has quite a bit of room here left for pumping. And compared to BVSN, SYNC actually has semi-decent revenues… More

SmartAce (99.96)
Submitted April 29, 2019

Forrest Gump: Hey Bubba would you please tell me the name of the woods where Robin Hood hid out with his merry men?Bubba: sherwood forestForrest Gump:Forrest Gump: Hey Bubba would you please tell me the



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Member Avatar SmartAce (99.96) Submitted: 4/29/2019 10:45:12 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1.51 NASDAQ:SYNC Score: -0.05

Forrest Gump: Hey Bubba would you please tell me the name of the woods where Robin Hood hid out with his merry men?
Bubba: sherwood forest
Forrest Gump:
Forrest Gump: Hey Bubba would you please tell me the


Member Avatar TerryHogan (99.97) Submitted: 9/28/2018 2:36:29 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1.61 NASDAQ:SYNC Score: +6.15

Take flat or declining sales and couple that with flat or increasing SG&A and R&D, and you ain't gonna' be makin' yo' numbers. There's always potential of a buyout or some crazy shift in revenue numbers with a tech company, but I feel good about giving it the red thumb treatment.


Member Avatar Slider320 (28.51) Submitted: 5/11/2016 10:23:50 AM : Outperform Start Price: $2.53 NASDAQ:SYNC Score: -98.64

Stock IPO'd Feb 12th 2012 and on PURE SPECULATION on where a 91.2M Company could go with google search engine revenue and a confusing TV Everywhere play. It roared to $20 bucks a share as a one trick pony then SYNC Face-planted when Windows 8 launched and Bing was moved to the front of the line as he default search engine. What was 70M a year and climbing in Search Revenue alone immediately started a downward spiral as contracts expired and clients opted not to renew. Meanwhile everyone also figured out that TV Everywhere was never going to be an overnight success with SYNC as the sole beneficiary. Stock spent 2 painful years finishing its spiral and briefly dropped below $1 on a intraday low. One Major Share Holder tried to rally the troops for a board overhaul so we could initiate a quick Sale that everyone felt could pay shareholders $4-5 bucks a share (seamed pretty enticing for long time holders who came in at the 3's and 4's when we still had hopes of TV Everywhere).
Then on Aug 4th, 2014 "By the Grace of God" we were introduced to our new CEO Himesh Bhise. The guy jumped in the first conference call and said we need to be profitable (Duh), we need to lay off a head count of 50 people immediately (Um, ok), and we are going to Aqui-hire, restructure, come back stronger, and with multiple new relevant revenue streams (ya right).
Well not only did Himesh deliver that next quarter but he continued to deliver/exceed guidance and shareholder expectations quarter after quarter......and now year after year (everyone pronounces and spells his name correctly now, ha). IMO If Himesh says we are now on path to "$300M in Revenue, $30M EBITDA in 3 years" then the only speculation we should be making is how far ahead of schedule he is driving all 400 employees to be by the end of this year.
Disclosure: I own 67K shares of Synacor in the 3's, 2's, and 1's and come hell or high-water plan to see this through


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Imhilion 60.01 8/1/2012 Underperform 5Y $9.11 -83.86% +105.75% +189.62 1 Comment
thresholdnas < 20 8/9/2012 Underperform 5Y $10.45 -85.93% +102.91% +188.84 0 Comment
MisterCHW 99.91 8/7/2012 Underperform 5Y $10.19 -85.57% +103.07% +188.64 0 Comment
DouglasQuaid 46.71 9/4/2012 Underperform 3W $8.01 -81.65% +101.83% +183.48 1 Comment
mdicksonjr 98.68 4/3/2013 Underperform 5Y $2.85 -48.42% +83.79% +132.21 0 Comment
sylance < 20 8/7/2013 Underperform 5Y $2.91 -49.48% +68.25% +117.73 0 Comment
evergreen5555 75.67 7/26/2016 Underperform 5Y $3.07 -52.12% +31.72% +83.84 0 Comment
RafaelStock 98.91 8/1/2016 Underperform 5Y $3.03 -51.49% +31.06% +82.55 0 Comment
foolishfun4me 99.45 9/18/2017 Underperform 5Y $2.65 -44.53% +14.04% +58.57 0 Comment
valueoftiming 98.23 1/4/2016 Underperform 5Y $1.70 -13.53% +41.98% +55.51 0 Comment

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TrackCitigroup 86.02 7/10/2012 Underperform NS $18.00 -57.06% +5.85% +62.90 9/11/2012 @ $7.73 0 Comment
TrackBofASec 91.74 5/8/2012 Underperform NS $11.95 -21.22% -4.39% +16.83 5/18/2012 @ $9.41 0 Comment
TrackOppenheimer 48.57 3/21/2012 Outperform NS $6.60 +47.74% -3.16% +50.90 7/26/2012 @ $9.75 0 Comment
TrackNeedham 89.86 3/21/2012 Outperform NS $6.60 -77.73% +102.58% -180.30 0 Comment
TrackStifel 91.43 3/21/2012 Outperform NS $6.60 +86.52% -8.29% +94.81 6/1/2012 @ $12.31 0 Comment