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$202.21 -$3.11 (-1.5%)

04:00 PM EDT on 06/27/22

Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

Current Price $202.21 Mkt Cap $51.4B
Open $210.00 P/E Ratio 0.00
Prev. Close $202.21 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $200.00 - $211.83 Volume 580
52-Wk Range $159.54 - $483.13 Avg. Daily Vol. 2,256,974


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Ray010 (20.93)
Submitted January 01, 2022

Excellent share price growth over past 5 years, further growth likely in medium to long term, recently bought my first shares in the company

wadethefred (47.56)
Submitted May 07, 2019

I'm looking at TEAM and like the business but am not buying it because the valuation is too high. I need to learn the difference between great companies that are truly overvalued or that valuation is not that important (some companies have a high… More


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Member Avatar franxisco (< 20) Submitted: 5/5/2022 8:19:31 PM : Outperform Start Price: $195.32 NASDAQ:TEAM Score: +7.92

Hybrid work is not going away, and while Zoom, WebEx, and other companies are doing good things with virtual meeting platforms, Lean and Agile ways of working continue to put less emphasis on meetings, and more emphasis on collaboration. Two years is a good length of time for Atlassian to ideate new collaboration products for the emerging future of work, and in another two years, they could be putting those products on the market.


Member Avatar dcrednek (66.74) Submitted: 4/18/2022 6:41:36 PM : Outperform Start Price: $258.00 NASDAQ:TEAM Score: -10.38

MF Advisors top pic for 4/18/22


Member Avatar TMFJaguar (29.80) Submitted: 4/11/2022 2:26:09 PM : Underperform Start Price: $271.75 NASDAQ:TEAM Score: +13.65

After my appearance on the Deep Dive show, it's only fair that in the interest of transparency, I stick to my guns that I don't think this stock will beat the market. Not that it won't go up. But that it will underperform.

Management has placed a $10 billion revenue target out there. Let's assume that it achieves this in 5 to 7 years and has a 30% FCF margin. Right now, you are paying ~23 times that hypothetical FCF. Expensive.

Now, consider that it will likely need to double in price to beat the market. That pushes the FCF multiple to 46. And that's before dilution. It currently has 34 million shares available for grant (around 13% of the share count) and I would assume that its hiring spree (going from 7k employees to 24k) would only push future stock based compensation higher. This means that to beat the market, it will likely have to trade in excess of 50 times its free cash flow. And that's just for a double from here.

Great company. But I'm reluctant to think the stock beats the market. And I'll likely eat crow here. Too many smart Fools disagree with me. But I have to be honest with how I'm looking at it, especially since I vocalized my opinion on the MF Live.


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NHWeston102 (63.20) Score: +706.42'm jes'so honored and humpled by all this fussin' over li'l ol' me! Couldn`ta done it wi'out muh RULE BREAKERS an' thu nice folks at Bloomburp...

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This player feels very strongly about this pick and has marked it a Top Pick. Top Picks do not affect a player’s score. NHWeston102 63.20 5/23/2016 6/13/2019 Outperform 3Y $22.58 +795.53% +89.11% +706.42 1 Comment
GoIrish4 95.94 5/23/2016 6/7/2021 Outperform 5Y $22.58 +795.53% +89.11% +706.42 1 Comment
benedict23 68.46 3/11/2016 Outperform 5Y $23.27 +768.97% +92.32% +676.65 1 Comment
noahf 48.19 12/20/2016 Outperform 5Y $24.19 +735.78% +71.65% +664.13 0 Comment
mdpurdon 61.89 3/31/2016 Outperform 5Y $23.77 +750.69% +88.40% +662.29 1 Comment
BVonC 92.09 3/30/2016 Outperform 5Y $24.05 +740.79% +88.39% +652.40 0 Comment
fiveforthemoney 92.14 12/16/2016 Outperform NS $24.64 +720.66% +71.96% +648.70 0 Comment
CarsonCityFool < 20 1/19/2016 Outperform 5Y $23.92 +745.36% +106.93% +638.43 1 Comment
This player feels very strongly about this pick and has marked it a Top Pick. Top Picks do not affect a player’s score. adasand 51.83 1/10/2017 Outperform 5Y $25.03 +707.87% +71.60% +636.27 0 Comment
aordinaryguy 68.87 12/2/2016 11/20/2019 Outperform 3Y $24.99 +709.16% +76.82% +632.35 0 Comment

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