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WhereverTV Broadcasting Corporation (NASDAQOTCBB:TVTV)

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TMFStockSpam (27.70)
Submitted May 16, 2013

Our New Play is: "TVTV" WhereverTV Hello Everyone,Good Morning~!! Did you research TVTV and put it on the top of your watch list? Remember this play has seen some amazing one day possible gains this Month and if momentum begins to pour in we could… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.70) Submitted: 5/16/2013 4:16:10 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.12 NASDAQ OTC:TVTV Score: +210.00

Our New Play is: "TVTV" WhereverTV

Hello Everyone,

Good Morning~!! Did you research TVTV and put it on the top of your watch list? Remember this play has seen some amazing one day possible gains this Month and if momentum begins to pour in we could possibly be in for another!!

My Previous e-mail from last night:

So today we kick started the week with a 9:30AM Play that actually gapped open at $.19 or 90% above Friday's closing price...... Most of you know that it's always better to wait for a gap-up to come down a bit especially when it's such a huge one!! Well our play quickly came down to $.14 and than day-traded all day for possible swings profits of over 28%!! Nothing huge but not a bad way to start the week.....

Now it's time to bring you a Play that has seen action in the past and actually has seen possible REAL Gains of over 50% in just one day TWICE this Month!! The best thing is that it was actually trading at similar levels it is now! Of course past performance is not a reliable source for future performance, but it's always good to know! Well let's get into my Play for Tomorrow...

Quickly put TVTV onto your watch lists.

TVTV is a leader in delivering over-the-top (OTT) subscription television services to a variety of devices including ConnectedTVs, streaming media players, smartphones and TabletPCs.

If more people become familiar with TVTV's operations, there might be some upside in store.

Streaming TV has become a very big hit in recent years. Television has been moving away from traditional ways and more people are opting for streaming subscriptions on the internet.

The number of American homes with a wired cable subscription fell 4.1% year-over-year in Q1 2012, from 62.7 million to 59.8 million, according to results from a Nielsen’s cross-platform report last year.

Netflix is a leader in the streaming service in the U.S. The stock has been a king on wall street so far this year.

Netflix is one of the biggest gainers this year in the market, moving from around $90 in January to about $160 a share today.

Netflix had 21.7 million streaming subscribers in the U.S. at the end of 2011, and the figure increased to 27.1 million by the end of 2012.

TVTV's strategy is to position itself to take advantage of consumer television viewing trends that it believes will fundamentally transform the US cable/satellite industry.

TVTV provides the same subscription-based services such as Comcast and Time-Warner, but on the internet. Unlike cable providers, TVTV does not operate an expensive, end-to-end, closed broadcast network, which requires the installation of fiber optic or coaxial cables underground and into homes, nor does the Company have to maintain a fleet of vehicles to install and trouble set-top boxes.

And unlike satellite providers, TVTV does not have to manage or lease broadcast satellites or maintain a fleet of vehicles and people to install satellite dishes and set top boxes in homes.

Mark Anderson recently published an article in Forbes Magazine listing his Top 10 predictions for 2013. His #3 prediction for 2013 is that a majority of U.S.-based homes will have Net-connected TVs.


Carl Icahn, famed activist investor, took a huge stake in Netflix when the stock was trading around the $60 range.

Icahn saw the potential in the OTT arena.

According to ABI Research, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Amazon helped drive the over-the-top (OTT) video market past $8 billion in 2012!

Infonetics Research has forecasted that the global pay-TV market will grow to $353 billion by 2015.

Cable and satellite companies have been catching on to the popularity of streaming services. Dish Network acquired Blockbuster just to enter the streaming arena.

Comcast has started its streaming service Xfinity Streampix, which is available to its subscribers for an additional charge of $4.99 per month, and even Time Warner Cable is offering a live TV streaming app.

TVTV is the next generation subscription television service, providing consumers with programming identical to existing cable & satellite providers.

The Company delivers the same channels and events via an over the top (OTT) service platform to single-family, multi-family, high-rises and businesses throughout North America and South America.

TVTV's platform downlinks, encodes and broadcasts linear television programming to Connected Televisions, blu-ray players, set top boxes, tablet PCs, laptops, and smartphones.

The Company even has developed iOS and Droid applications so subscribers can also watch content on iPhone, iPads, Tablet PCs and Droid smartphones!

TVTV's WhereverTV APP is currently available on GoogleTV and Android Smartphones and TabletPCs. It is expected to be available on Apple devices later on.

Google has revealed that more than 1.3 million Android devices are being activated every day now!

In March TVTV announced that the Company plans to add Wi-Fi Alliance's Miracast screencasting capabilities to their Android application for smartphones and TabletPCs.

"Miracast is the AirPlay alternative for streaming video from your Android device to your television," explained Mark Cavicchia, TVTV's CEO.

Industry analyst IHS iSuppli expects over 1.5 billion devices to ship in 2016 with the Miracast technology!

According to Gartner, sales of tablets and smartphones has a forecast to hit 1.2 billion units sold in 2013.

TVTV's channel line up includes Greek TV, Moroccan TV, and Arabic TV. The Company has the first 24/7 Greek Orthodox TV channel in the USA with 1,500,000 members in Greek Orthodox Achdiocese of America!

TVTV's CEO, Mark Cavicchia has said, "In addition to offering the most popular channel from Morocco, 2M Maroc, the Company is excited to be adding leading channels from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates. We will follow this launch with the addition of at least one new Arabic channel every month for the remainder of 2013."

"The Arabic speaking population is one of the fastest growing segments in North America, with more than 4 million people living in the USA alone," he continued.

Cavicchia has said, "We are on track to achieve our long-term objective of becoming the first 'over the top' cable company in the United States. We have tested our platform by launching in-language content offerings over the past eighteen months necessary to attract interest from major US television networks, and are now well-positioned to move into the mainstream US cable subscription market. Our goal is to have at least 30,000 subscribers within the first full year of service."

Could TVTV become a big player in the subscription television industry?

Recent News!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
WhereverTV launches ArabicTV service in North America, South America, and Western EuropePR Newswire( (Tue, May 7)

Monday, April 22, 2013 WhereverTV App Now Available on the App StorePR Newswire( (Mon, Apr 22)

Make sure TVTV is on your radar!

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Thank you,
Rafael, A.K.A StockMister

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