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Valassis Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCI.DL)

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The Company provides a wide range of marketing products and services to a variety of premier manufacturers, direct marketers, retailers, franchisees and other advertisers.

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urkiddingrite (< 20)
Submitted January 31, 2010

bought in for a buck five last january. been reading for a year how dumb i am from all the thumbs down icon folks. research told me the company was a mid teen to twenty dollar cinch. history of valassis and advo indicated that they weren't… More

ChrisGraley (27.13)
Submitted October 17, 2009

I've got about a dozen red thumbs in my portfolio just like this one.Investors picking revenue growth over net income are in for a rude awakening in a short time frame.This isn't with real money, so I can stay solvent longer than the market can stay… More


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