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$13.38 $0.23 (1.7%)

04:00 PM EST on 02/27/24

Valhi Inc New (NYSE:VHI)

CAPS Rating: No stars

The Company has operations through its majority-owned subsidiaries or less than majority-owned affiliates in the chemicals, component products, waste management and titanium metals industries.

Current Price $13.38 Mkt Cap $378.5M
Open $13.15 P/E Ratio -15.01
Prev. Close $13.38 Div. (Yield) $0.32 (2.4%)
Daily Range $13.15 - $13.45 Volume 2,854
52-Wk Range $10.80 - $25.89 Avg. Daily Vol. 10,156


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dermagenex (< 20)
Submitted June 03, 2008

The bears have no clue as to why VHI has been up. With high oil prices, nuclear energy is the future. The only roadblock to nuclear has been “what to do with the waste?” It looks like a subsidiary of VHI is on the verge of taking care of it, and… More

constructive (93.07)
Submitted October 30, 2011

VHI owns 83% of NL (directly), 74.9% of KRO (directly and indirectly), 72.2% of CIX (indirectly), and 100% of WCS (directly). It also has small investments in sugar and titanium companies, approximately offset by corporate level debt.The current… More

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Member Avatar DrRonPaul4Prez (84.10) Submitted: 2/22/2012 1:09:28 AM : Underperform Start Price: $13.67 NYSE:VHI Score: +274.14

Over-priced. Not adding value as well as other companies.


Member Avatar bobbobwhite41 (< 20) Submitted: 7/26/2011 11:33:45 AM : Underperform Start Price: $13.38 NYSE:VHI Score: +279.60

Price is 96 p/e and 36 times book... over 10 times VHI 5 year avg. That alone is more than enough reason, but the main reason is overt price manipulation by the owner, Harold Simmons, that is unchecked by the SEC or any other gov't agency charged to oversee. Hmmmmmm.


Member Avatar Jeffrey2012 (< 20) Submitted: 7/14/2011 9:54:05 PM : Underperform Start Price: $13.65 NYSE:VHI Score: +286.11

This is an overvalued holding company that is having way too much of a rosy picture in terms of future prospects. While I agree that TIE is doing well due to the recent BOEING supply agreement and it's ability to continue to raise prices somewhat in a somewhat constrained supply environment, it just cannot support the valuations going forward.

I seriously believe that the performance crowd has started to chase this to the moon since they see Mr Simmons buying so many of the shares and it's consistently gone up. But the run up has been way over done and a serious risk of over heating. I fear that many people don't quite understand all of their holdings and just see that it's gone up so it must continue going up. This can only turn out bad for a company who is trading at a p/e of 85+.

This is definitely an interesting company and if it could drop down to a more reasonable price point then it would become a more rewarding investment going forward.


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LifeScientist (< 20) Score: +5,287.19

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Member Name Member
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DeathStock 31.32 4/13/2016 Outperform 5Y $1.16 +1,053.85% +144.27% +909.58 0 Comment
jangelesnj < 20 10/28/2011 Underperform 3M $13.74 -2.65% +295.24% +297.89 0 Comment
Jeffrey2012 < 20 7/13/2011 Underperform 1Y $13.65 -1.96% +284.15% +286.11 4 Comments
bobbobwhite41 < 20 7/26/2011 Underperform 3Y $13.38 0% +279.59% +279.60 2 Comments
DrRonPaul4Prez 84.10 2/22/2012 Underperform 5Y $13.67 -2.11% +272.03% +274.14 1 Comment
HarHarMahadev < 20 6/29/2011 Underperform 1Y $11.65 +14.83% +288.42% +273.59 0 Comment
texsymbol1 < 20 7/6/2009 Outperform 5Y $1.59 +740.19% +469.57% +270.62 0 Comment
dplindeman 43.20 5/30/2012 Underperform 5Y $10.08 +32.69% +284.10% +251.41 0 Comment
milkwin 84.23 6/12/2012 Underperform 5Y $9.40 +42.29% +284.65% +242.36 0 Comment
Jaihakim 61.51 1/9/2017 Outperform 5Y $3.01 +344.81% +123.41% +221.41 0 Comment

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