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TMFStockSpam (27.70)
Submitted May 17, 2010

This stock spam was originally sent to TMFBent:Disclosure: has been compensated five thousand dollars by a third party (Emerging Markets Consulting LLC) for this two week VIDA advertising and promotional program.Vidaroo Corp.(OTCBB:… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.70) Submitted: 5/17/2010 4:53:58 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.15 NASDAQ OTC:VIDA Score: +353.01

This stock spam was originally sent to TMFBent:

Disclosure: has been compensated five thousand dollars by a third party (Emerging Markets Consulting LLC) for this two week VIDA advertising and promotional program.

Vidaroo Corp.

Breaking News:
"Vidaroo Corporation (Formerly Gen2Media Corporation) and NARM, the Music Business Association, Partner for 2010 NARM Convention"

Vidaroo Corp. (OTCBB: VIDA)
Detailed Quote:

Breaking VIDA News:
May 11 - Vidaroo Corporation (Formerly Gen2Media Corporation) and NARM, the Music Business Association, Partner for 2010 NARM Convention
Vidaroo Corporation (OTCBB: VIDA), the premier video publishing software, content production and online video network (formerly Gen2Media Corporation) and NARM, the music business association, announce a new partnership for the 2010 NARM Convention and Music Business Crash Course that will take place at the Hilton Chicago from Friday, May 14 through Monday, May 17.
NARM President Jim Donio states, "We are collaborating with Gen2Media at the 2010 NARM music business convention because they are recognized in our industry as one of the top firms for creating digital experiences. Since they support the video production and marketing needs of some of the biggest names in music, we are pleased to have Gen2 as our partner so we can effectively capture, publish and socialize all of the great program content at this year's event."
Vidaroo Corporation President Mary Spio notes, "We are delighted to partner with NARM offering our video production expertise, sharing our insights on reaching music fans online, as well as our video platform for delivery of the content that we create. Gen2 and NARM are major influencers in the future music, and the upcoming convention is a great vehicle for sharing and disseminating the latest information and resources available to the industry. We are very honored to be on the same team."
In addition to the video production partnership, Vidaroo President Mary Spio will showcase her company during "Building An Online Presence," one of a series of breakout sessions scheduled Monday, May 17 from 2:00 - 4:30 PM. Spio's presentation is titled "Creating a Digital Presence: Driving Music Sales with Online Video and Social Media." Spio, a digital cinema pioneer, has been providing technical leadership and guidance to entertainment retailers, labels, studios and the biggest brands for over a decade. She is on the USA Today panel of CEOs, Presidents, Founders, and Chairmen where she advises on leadership trends. NBC News and the GRIO named Spio, alongside Oprah, as one of the 100 History Makers in the Making. At Vidaroo, Spio and her team work with over 200 Radio Station Groups, entertainment and lifestyle sites with access to over 10 million online visitors monthly. Stations groups include Clear Channel, Emmis Communications, Regent Communications and others.
Vidaroo, key content creators for the most iconic celebrities and brands, is currently working with Black Eyed Peas, John Mayer, Nelly Furtado, Mary J. Blige, Star Wars in Concert, Boys II Men and many more. Vidaroo has completed full digital media production for Microsoft XBOX, Tribune News Company, Billboard Awards, Video Game Awards, American Music Awards, Coca Cola Company, Wal-Mart, Universal Studios, Andre Agassi Foundation, Chili's, Monte Carlo Celebrity Golf Invitational, VH1, HBO, Showtime and numerous popular firms and brands.
About NARM
NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) advances the promotion, marketing, distribution and sale of music by providing members with diverse meeting and networking opportunities, information and education resources, and advocacy for their common interests. NARM is based in Marlton, New Jersey.
About Vidaroo Corporation
Vidaroo Corporation is a video technology company that provides the best-in-breed Online Video Platform, video production and advertising on its Online Video Network that reaches over 10 million visitors monthly. Vidaroo has earned the trust of a growing customer base including advertising agencies, iconic artists, media companies, organizations, businesses, and national brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola Company, Tribune News Company, Toyota, Emmis Communications, Clear Channel, Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and more. Vidaroo's Online Video Publishing Technology enables firms to easily create, deliver and monetize video and advertising. The Company has offices in New York City and Orlando. For more information, please visit

Company Overview
Vidaroo is an interactive network reaching over 10 Million visitors across 200+ highly targeted and trafficked websites. Vidaroo offers advertisers highly engaging and deeply integrated experiences to reach their audiences. From standard advertising placements to fully branded experiences and social media integration, Vidaroo delivers the best in customer engagement experiences. They are an agency's critical strategy partner in adapting to today's market forces and pushing new technologies for accountability and performance; an untapped vehicle for marketers to effectively reach their target audience.
Their core competency is helping their partners and clients gain exposure within their target demographic, and enabling valuable access to your best customers through custom-created interactive user experiences.
Vidaroo was born out of the effective capture of consumers, by creating engaging content and enabling technologies for the convergence of advertising, entertainment and lifestyle resources. They create a dynamic that instills an emotional desire to want to buy your products and services.
They pride themselves on designing fully functional user-friendly and visually appealing customer experiences to attract your target demographic and deliver world-class community functionality.
Vidaroo owns a proprietary video delivery platform for video content syndication and social media integration across the web and other platforms.
Vidaroo's award winning production team has created content for the most recognizable brands and high-profile celebrities. We have completed full digital media production for Tribune News Company, Microsoft XBOX, Coca Cola Company, Wal Mart, Universal Studios, Andre Agassi Foundation, NBC, Dreamworks, LiveWire Entertainment, Chili's, Monte Carlo Celebrity Golf Invitational, Spike TV ABC, MTV, VH1, HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E and more.
What They Believe
The global and youth marketplaces are the general marketplace, and the ability to recognize and capitalize on trends before others see them give an amazing competitive advantage.
• An Agency can define itself or redefine itself
• As a leader in tomorrow's markets
• As a leader in new media and technology
• As a 360 solution for clients
• As a company who controls the assets and outcome
How to Get Started - Turn Your Audience into Brand Ambassadors!
Each project they take on poses unique challenges, they look forward to solving needs and going the extra mile as they collaborate to produce customer experiences that deepen brand bond.
Their productions, online network, and technology all work towards one goal --- helping you increase sales, reach and emotionally connect with consumers. Vidaroo will create an exact and authentic rapport with your target audience using proven tools and tactics combined with unmatched genuine instinct. Most importantly: Vidaroo gives you content that truly engages your audience and provides real benefit!
Digital Video Publisher
Vidaroo's Digital Video Publisher allows you to transform your existing sites into viable, relevant "best of class" interactive online TV Networks by equipping you with the tools needed to manage and publish your video as well generate viral buzz. Users can easily embed your channels or video content into their existing social networking sites, spreading brand identity and strengthening loyalty without advertising!
The friendly and intuitive Digital Video Publisher interface helps you create custom channels from your existing content or select pre-programmed channels from Vidaroo's broad lineup of channels. Eliminate the technology challenges and hassles and focus on your core business!
Point and click. From ingestion to syndication, Vidaroo provides an advanced video management and delivery automation solution.
Initiative Workflow
Vidaroo's management platform is divided into a series of modules for initiative workflow.
The scheduling of both In-Stream and Banner units are packaged and reusable across multiple campaigns.
One consolidated interface for scheduling both in-stream video and overlays allows for faster deployments along with ultimate simplicity.
Banner Groups
Building banner groups is as simple as uploading the banner. The group automatically detects dimensions for custom and IAB sizes.
3rd Party Integrations
Vidaroo is integrated with various third parties for overlay and in-stream video including Acudeo, ScanScout, and YuMe. In supporting standard ad tags and tracking pixels provides flexibility in delivering from a number of third-party ad servers.
Flexible Ad Rules
Scheduling campaigns is simplified in the unique separation of campaign business logic into Ad Policies. Choose from any number of ad rules for adapting the interval and fashion in which units are delivered.
By using the Media Browser, multiple pieces of content can be selected and then returned to the scheduler for finite control. Once videos have been added to a channel, they can be rearranged by using simple drag/drop functionality.
Time of Day
Position content at a specific time using Vidaroo’s Time of Day scheduler. Calendar based scheduling provides a simplistic approach to scheduling co


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