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Whitney Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:WTNY.DL)

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The Company, through the Bank, engages in community banking and serves a market area that covers the five-state Gulf Coast region. The Bank also maintains a foreign branch on Grand Cayman in the British West Indies.

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UPTschack (50.60)
Submitted March 20, 2007

This company is well managed, smart and conservative. I live in New Orleans and and bank with them. They are constantly growing and have expanded into Florida, Texas, and more places to come. They have always treated customers like people and not… More

SpaceSpuds (< 20)
Submitted July 11, 2008

There are loan issuing banks that are facing the severity of the housing loan crisis, and there are those behind the curve. Whitney Holding is behind the curve. They have substantial exposure in numerous weak markets, and they are making risky moves… More


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