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TMFStockSpam (27.73)
Submitted February 05, 2013

MXAM has a great history of swing trades. Over the next few days we feel MXAM could yield monster gains for our followers......-- latest news and links at the bottom...Maxam Gold Corporations launch and entry in the market could not come at a more… More


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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.73) Submitted: 2/5/2013 4:27:48 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.90 NASDAQ OTC:XREE Score: +261.17

MXAM has a great history of swing trades. Over the next few days we feel MXAM could yield monster gains for our followers......
-- latest news and links at the bottom...

Maxam Gold Corporations launch and entry in the market could not come at a more fortuitous time. The prices of gold and silver are expected to climb through 2020. While experts anticipate that prices may stabilize in the future, the value of gold and silver will be greater than they have been for decades. Gold will continue to have a market value reflective of its status as a favored commodity, and silver will remain strong due to its industrial role in plasma displays, solar panels, and cell phone manufacturing. The Company will sell its gold and silver directly to a smelter, and will also sell bulk quantities to precious metal bulk buyers. Maxam will operate primarily in the Gold Ores and Silver Ores industries. However, the Company fully intends to extract additional high-value precious metals that are both inferred and proven to be in its mines, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Maxam will adhere to several success factors and carry out an operational and distribution strategy to achieve its short-and long-term objectives.

Project Phase

Phase I

Initially we will be buying gold from the native community and reselling it to International Buyers. This buying and selling will generate cash-flow covering much of the direct costs to establish our long range program.

Phase II

This will be the establishment of a dredging operation on the lake and will provide us with additional capital as we move towards our major goal of building our major milling plant. During this Phase II our geologist will be developing the necessary data for our 43101 registration in the United States.

Phase III

Pembina is presently in the initial exploration & exploitation. Our privileged permits allow us the advantage to mine while simultaneously exploring and exploiting a small scale 250 metric tons of ore per day proven to produce 2000 grams of gold. With the 43101 in place, additional capital will be provided to operate a large scale mill to produce up to 1500 metric tons of ore per day, proven to produce 12,000 grams of gold, valued in today’s market at $682,000.00.
The Iberominas plant is now in operation, and has an associated infrastructure including extraction equipment, excavators, trucks, loaders etc. The plant is located in Villanueva, Department of Chinandega.
As the Iberominas plant is being ramped up to include not only the Company’s ore, but will allow the Company to refine ore for the natives. This is a very profitable operation as the Company gets half of their ore for processing it and then we can purchase their refined ore at a discount and resell it with our gold.


Maxam Gold Corporation, Inc. A Gold Mining Operation

•Nicaragua is a Democratic Republic since 1990.
•One of the safest countries in Central America.
•Government supportive of foreign investment.
•Long mining history with supportive mining laws.
•Fair tax regime – 3% NSR and 30% Net Profit Tax.
•Exploration permits are valid for 25 years.
•Exploitation permits are valid for 50 years.

The Company will continue to build its reserves by buying and selling as frequently as is possible and always with the safety and prudence as a main concern.

The Company will remain focused on being profitable while planning for the future.

Maxam will not stray from its core business in anyway, thus Ensuring integrity and re-assuring Investors, Sellers & Buyers.

Adjacent to the mine are 800,000 metric tons of tailings. The assay states that there are 4 grams of gold per metric ton in those tailings.

Contact Info

•3651 Lindell Road
•D 482
•Las Vegas, NV 89103

•Phone: 702-530-4730
•Email: [email protected]

Share Structure

Market Value1
a/o Jan 28, 2013

Shares Outstanding
a/o Sep 30, 2012

a/o Sep 30, 2012

Authorized Shares
a/o Sep 12, 2012

PR Newswire(Thu, Jan 24)

Maxam Gold Corporation Announced Today That Maxam Gold and Pembina Limitada Have Entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Comanche Capital, Inc. to Purchase Nicaraguan Gold


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TMFStockSpam (27.73) Score: +261.17

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