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$43.84 -$0.29 (-0.7%)

04:00 PM EST on 12/06/23

Yelp, Inc. (NYSE:YELP)

CAPS Rating: 1 out of 5

Current Price $43.84 Mkt Cap $3.0B
Open $44.32 P/E Ratio 34.72
Prev. Close $43.84 Div. (Yield) $0.00 (0.0%)
Daily Range $43.74 - $44.86 Volume 685,282
52-Wk Range $25.30 - $47.59 Avg. Daily Vol. 591,066


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Rilac (26.75)
Submitted May 05, 2015

Yelps' subscribers base and their number of written reviews are currently in a growing trend. however, their stock price doesn't reflect its growth. Its undeniable that yelp is growing but its constant misses on expected revenues has crushed yelps… More

KingLobster (58.25)
Submitted August 28, 2013

I just cannot understand why a stock would be priced like this when it has yet to produce any earnings at all. All hype.

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Member Avatar valunvesthere (95.87) Submitted: 10/31/2023 11:59:06 PM : Outperform Start Price: $42.07 NYSE:YELP Score: -4.28

Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I'm fortunate to be around multi-ethnic restaurants because we have a extremely healthy multi-ethnic population. Sure a lot of places in the United States and Canada can boast the same but here in Vancouver we have ethnic communities who have well established connected supply line of ingredients from country of origin and nothing of main stream ingredients offered by the United States and Canada. The combination of ethnic ingredients plus fresh local meats, poultry, fish, seafood, game, produce and yes you can get Halal meats here too equates to the near authenticity of ethnic origin. When eating at multi-ethnic restaurants in Vancouver its safe to say that Vancouver has the best authentic ethnic restaurant outside of ethnic country of origin in the world because as mentioned before, Vancouver has extremely healthy multi-ethnic population that will keep things honest.

I admit I've been dining wrong and the same can be said about the majority of Americans and Canadians. When setting aside a budgeted amount of money or saved up money for dining out we tend to say let's go for Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese (in reality faux Chinese if you're not Chinese or don't have a Chinese in the group to order) and etc. What I and we should do is choose a main ingredient theme like the original Japanese Iron Chefs television shows and countless spin-offs. By going this route like some examples below you may not order the chosen main ingredient theme but it'll steer you to a unique ethnic dining experience and order something totally different from the menu.

German - Schweinshaxe and Eisbein
Austrian - Stelze
Polish - Golonka
Swedish - Flasklagg Med Rotmos
Swiss - Wadli
Italian - Stinco
Chinese - Braised ham hocks with bok choy and gravy
Philippine - Pata Tim and Crispy Pata
Thai - Ham Hocks stewed in soy sauce and five spices
American Southern Country - Ham Hocks with pinto beans, white rice, cornbread.

Mediterranean, Greek, Croatian, Turkish, North African, Jordanian, Middle Eastern, Iranian, Afghanistan, Mexican, Australian, British, New Zealand, Indian, Commonwealth Countries and etc.

Central Europe, Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe - Pierogi, Knodel, Uszka
German - Maltasche
Georgian - Khinkali
Russian - Pelmeni
Central Asian - Manti
Jewish - Kreplach, Matzah Ball, Knish
Middle Eastern - Kubbeh
Nepal - Momo

*NOTE* I didn't list any East Asian countries or South East Asian countries dumplings because everybody knows about them. I don't need to give reintroduction.

As the dining scene is recovering from the recent pandemic and the foodies are once again accessing social media platforms to blog about their experiences its just a matter of time more restaurants will pay these social media platforms to have their establishments and menus in form as ads to connect to these potential patrons.

In Vancouver the most common stickers seen at restaurant entrance doors or windows are below

* Groupon, Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN)
* Yelp, Inc. (NYSE:YELP)
* Tripadvisor Inc (NASDAQ:TRIP)

alerting customers to check out reviews and in some cases if applicable dining discounts.


Member Avatar FVelociraptor (93.12) Submitted: 12/13/2022 7:01:37 PM : Underperform Start Price: $28.07 NYSE:YELP Score: -42.95


Member Avatar blizzard11220 (47.90) Submitted: 11/9/2018 11:19:15 AM : Outperform Start Price: $31.20 NYSE:YELP Score: -23.03

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CoreAndExplore < 20 10/9/2013 Underperform 1Y $64.81 -32.36% +174.28% +206.64 0 Comment
shoaly 61.12 9/9/2013 5/1/2019 Underperform 3Y $62.75 -30.14% +173.21% +203.35 0 Comment
korjae 63.46 9/6/2013 Underperform 3M $61.00 -28.13% +173.11% +201.24 0 Comment
alphadogg 93.72 9/23/2013 Underperform 5Y $66.15 -33.73% +167.46% +201.19 0 Comment
Renesco < 20 3/3/2014 Underperform 5Y $91.82 -52.25% +146.23% +198.48 0 Comment
Kes1e < 20 2/3/2014 Underperform 5Y $76.75 -42.88% +155.55% +198.43 0 Comment
zdog < 20 2/18/2014 Underperform 1Y $89.63 -51.09% +146.90% +197.99 0 Comment
butters83 63.11 3/6/2014 Underperform 3Y $98.70 -55.58% +141.62% +197.21 1 Comment
SimonSaysSell 98.93 10/28/2013 Underperform NS $69.50 -36.92% +158.55% +195.47 0 Comment
mulledover 56.32 3/17/2014 Underperform 5Y $88.27 -50.33% +145.03% +195.37 0 Comment

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