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The Company designs, develops and manufactures measurement solutions to improve its customers' manufacturing yields, and top-tier optical sub-systems and components for OEM and end-user applications.

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topsecret10 (< 20)
Submitted October 14, 2009

ZYGO designs, manufactures, and distributes high-end optical systems and components for metrology and end-user applications. ZYGO has two divisions: Metrology Solutions Division and Optical Systems Division. The Metrology Solutions Division is… More

ksc654 (< 20)
Submitted October 01, 2008

While it has earn potential, the company's stock is vastly overweight. I see a correction in the next year or so.

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Member Avatar line70day (27.55) Submitted: 5/19/2014 10:57:26 AM : Outperform Start Price: $19.24 NASDAQ:ZIGO Score: -63.42

ZIGO agreed to be purchased by Ametec for $19.25 PER SHARE IN CASH Board charman Michael Kaufman agreed to vote in favor of thebuy out


Member Avatar RumbachStock (< 20) Submitted: 4/27/2013 11:58:50 AM : Outperform Start Price: $14.64 NASDAQ:ZIGO Score: -62.63

Consistent and growing operating cash flow, no debt, plenty of cash, good net working capital, etc. Zygo is undervalued.


Member Avatar topsecret10 (< 20) Submitted: 10/13/2009 10:39:41 PM : Outperform Start Price: $7.57 NASDAQ:ZIGO Score: -29.02

ZYGO designs, manufactures, and distributes high-end optical systems and components for metrology and end-user applications. ZYGO has two divisions: Metrology Solutions Division and Optical Systems Division.
The Metrology Solutions Division is comprised of four business units: Display Solutions, Precision Positioning Systems, Vision Systems, and Instruments. This division's products employ various optical phase analysis techniques for measuring displacement, surface shape and texture, and film thickness.
The Optical Systems Division is comprised of two business units: Electro-Optics and Optical Components. These groups leverage ZYGO's expertise in optical design and assembly, and high-volume manufacturing of precision optical components and systems, for the medical/life sciences, defense, and industrial markets. "We enter fiscal 2010 with a feeling of optimism. We believe our business reached a bottom in the third quarter and there are signs that the recession may be waning. Although this does not mean that a rapid upturn in orders is imminent, it does mean that we can focus on growth rather than contraction. We have made a strategic decision to concentrate our resources on our core metrology and optics technologies. Fully automated in-line production tools will be marketed through OEM partnerships with companies that have achieved market success with complementary metrology products. Our recent strategic partnership with Nanometrics is an example of this strategy, which will allow us to benefit from the market penetration of our core technology into the semiconductor industry without the significant investment that would be associated with distribution, applications and support. We will continue to sell directly into our traditional markets. We believe these strategies will improve margins and profitability as the relationships mature.

"There are a number of positives across the company that point to future success. We have ongoing technology development programs that clearly establish the strength of our technology and competitive position. Our China joint venture is shipping product, in significant volume, to customers not previously served. Our success in attracting customers in the medical market for opto-mechanical assemblies is anticipated to begin having a positive impact in this fiscal year. With the cost reduction actions we have taken and those under consideration, as well as the continued investment in R&D, ZYGO is building a foundation for future success," Robinson concluded. This company could easily post results that surprise to the upside In an Improving semicondutor environment. Insiders have been snapping up shares too... All Aboard!!! TS


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disquisitor 71.40 5/30/2012 Underperform 1Y $16.97 +13.41% +133.95% +120.55 0 Comment
harrytong 42.60 10/21/2008 Underperform 5Y $9.08 +111.95% +225.73% +113.78 0 Comment
laurencekagan 94.77 1/29/2007 Underperform NS $15.54 +23.84% +129.89% +106.05 0 Comment
mlagarde007 96.93 10/5/2006 Underperform 3Y $13.11 +46.80% +142.24% +95.44 0 Comment
CHICAGOREALTOR < 20 1/8/2010 Underperform 5Y $10.75 +79.02% +170.39% +91.37 0 Comment
trendsJohn 76.73 6/16/2008 Underperform 3W $10.74 +79.19% +134.29% +55.10 1 Comment
qubit15 25.88 1/21/2009 Underperform NS $5.41 +255.73% +284.67% +28.94 0 Comment
rumblinantliquid < 20 12/1/2009 Outperform 5Y $6.58 +192.48% +177.63% +14.84 0 Comment
stockgripes 98.70 6/8/2010 Outperform 5Y $7.02 +174.15% +191.62% -17.47 0 Comment
chestersakl 49.47 11/2/2009 Outperform 1Y $6.93 +177.71% +195.74% -18.03 0 Comment

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